• Jim Baird
    Jim Baird
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    Age: 35
    Toronto, Canada
    Freelance Writer

    Jim Baird grew up exploring the Crown lands of Southern Ontario, Canada alongside his brother Ted. He turned the confidence he built from exploring the outdoors at a young age into a passion for wilderness travel in Canada’s far north. Jim is an avid canoeist, and has several impressive whitewater trips to his credit, many of them with Ted. He’s also the first person on record to complete a self-propelled trek across the northern Ungava Peninsula in winter -- a 230-mile Arctic trip he completed with his dog, Buck. Aside from adventuring in Canada’s northern regions, Jim’s also worked as a mineral prospector, a wilderness guide, and with a mapmaking company.


  • Ted Baird
    Ted Baird
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    Age: 32
    Toronto, Canada
    Adventure Videographer

    Ted Baird’s deep love of the wilderness started from a young age, having spent much of his time at his family’s cabin in the bush. Over the years, he’s honed his skills in fishing, hunting, trapping, and survival. But it wasn't until undertaking his first whitewater canoe expedition as a teenager that he was awed by a sense of freedom and adventure unlike any other he had experienced. Alongside his brother Jim, Ted has logged thousands of miles canoeing some of the most challenging and remote waterways in the world, including a 400-mile expedition across Canada's Quebec and Labrador via four wild and untamed rivers. These expeditions inspired him to become an adventure photographer and videographer. 

  • Jesse Bosdell
    Jesse Bosdell
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    Age: 31
    Skowhegan, ME 
    Retired Green Beret

    Jesse was raised in Central Maine, the eighth of ten children. Along with his siblings, including big brother Shannon, Jesse developed survival skills out of necessity more than entertainment, hunting and foraging to help provide for the family. Jesse joined the military shortly after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, and spent over nine years in the U.S. Army, with deployments to both Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. He also served as an advisor for foreign militaries, and has trained with Special Operations forces from around the globe. Jesse has honed his survival skills serving with the Green Berets, as well as many bush expeditions alongside his brothers. He’s currently studying for his biomedical engineering degree, with the intent to improve prosthetics for wounded veterans.

  • Shannon Bosdell
    Shannon Bosdell
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    Age: 44
    Wrangell, AK

    Shannon grew up in Central Maine, where he and his younger brother Jesse, two of ten siblings, supplemented their family’s low income with food they hunted themselves. At a young age, he moved to Alaska, where he owned and operated an assisted living facility. He now lives in Wrangell, a small island in southeast Alaska, where works as a commercial fisherman. Shannon and his family live a subsistence lifestyle, providing for themselves by hunting and fishing. 

  • Pete Brockdorff
    Pete Brockdorff
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    Age: 61
    Poolesville, MD
    Retired Shipping Driver

    Pete’s father was a career military officer, so he spent his childhood traveling. He began accompanying his father on hunting and fishing trips when he was eight years old, learning lessons about the outdoors and developing an immense respect for nature. Pete utilized what his father had taught him, and supplemented his skills by learning trapping, falconry, bow fishing, bow hunting, and primitive skills. He studied biology, zoology, ecology, and botany, eventually earning a degree in Biological Sciences. Pete’s father passed away before his son Sam was born, but he was determined to pass down to his son all the lessons he had learned. Sam joined his father on many wilderness trips from a young age, and Pete is confident that his son’s skills and knowledge far exceed his own. 

  • Sam Brockdorff
    Sam Brockdorff
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    Age: 26
    Poolesville, MD
    Environmental Scientist


    Sam is an environmental scientist, currently working as a layout foreman for an environmental restoration company. His father Pete wanted to instill a sense of adventure and respect for nature in Sam by setting off on wilderness trips. Sam has fond memories of the time spent with his dad, whether it was learning a primitive skill, wrestling snapping turtles, or building rafts on local ponds. Through both professional and personal interest, Sam has a vast knowledge of plant species. A capable outdoorsman, Sam has spent the last few years “going feral” in the Utah wilderness, utilizing primitive skills to survive at elevations of nearly 12,000 feet. He’s looking forward to spending time in the wilderness of Vancouver Island with his father, utilizing savvy that has been passed down in the family from one generation to the next. 


  • Alex Ribar
    Alex Ribar
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    Age: 48
    Montville, ME
    Construction Foreman

    Alex grew up in the wilderness of Maine, along a lake where he learned how to fish, hunt, and be a self-reliant woodsman. He joined the Marines in 1991, proudly serving in the Gulf War as an infantryman with a specialty as an armorer. Since serving in the Marine Corps, Alex has become a skilled foreman and supervisor for a bridge and marine construction company, as well as a licensed propane, natural gas and oil technician. When he’s not working with his hands, Alex is busy taking courses for becoming a Registered Maine Guide. He’s a proud father of two children: his daughter Joslyn and son Logan, who will be making the trek with him to Vancouver Island.

  • Logan Ribar
    Logan Ribar
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    Age: 19
    Liberty, ME
    Equipment Operator

    Logan grew up in the woods of Maine and has always enjoyed being out in nature. He’s an animal lover and enjoys learning how to coexist with them. Building shelters and tracking wildlife are two of his favorite hobbies, and he has a desire to live amongst the wilderness. His father Alex has been his biggest inspiration for survival techniques, having learned a lot of his skills by sharing long camping trips with him. Logan feels at home in the woods, and has a deep respect for his ancestors who lived in the wilderness as explorers and settlers. An avid explorer himself, Logan hopes to someday become a traveling wilderness guide.

  • Brad Richardson
    Brad Richardson
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    Age: 23
    Fox Lake, IL

    Growing up in northern Illinois, Brad spent most of his childhood exploring the outdoors. His weekends were occupied with fishing trips in a canoe, and his summers were a time for practicing primitive skills in the boreal forest. Joining the Boy Scouts in grade school strengthened his love for the outdoors greatly. Brad would eventually discover a passion for blacksmithing and began a company with his siblings, specializing in hand-forged knives and tools. When he’s not crafting blades and equipment, Brad spends his time filming educational bushcraft and survival videos 

  • Josh Richardson
    Josh Richardson
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    Fox Lake, IL 

    From a very young age, Josh’s father took him and his brother Brad camping, fishing, and canoeing, which helped craft a lifelong obsession for the outdoors. Josh and Brad wanted to experience nature the way that their forefathers did, and eventually the two began implementing primitive shelters instead of tents, and friction fires instead of lighters or matches. From the moment Josh made the transition to primitive survival techniques -- a switch that changed his mindset from that of entertainment to that of necessity -- he has been on a quest to learn as much as possible about this discipline, and is eager to teach others via online videos. When he’s not enjoying solitude in the woods, he’s busy in the blacksmith shop, a passion that began when he and Brad started fixing broken tools. 

  • Brooke Whipple
    Brooke Whipple
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    Age: 45
    Fox, AK / Reed City, MI
    Outdoor Educator

    Brooke Whipple has been passionate about the outdoors since she was a kid. She grew up in rural Michigan hunting, fishing, and trapping while dreaming of moving to a place with mountains and unspoiled wilderness. Her first job out of high school was in Yellowstone National Park, which led her to becoming a ski bum in Colorado, and then a wildland firefighter in Montana. After that, she ventured off to Alaska with a backpack and $200 to her name.


    Along the way, Brooke completed a bachelor's degree in Outdoor/Adventure Recreation Management and has worked as an outdoor educator, guide, and recreation director. She is an author, filmmaker, picker, and award-winning baker. In 2010, she won the Alaska State Blueberry Pie Championship.

    She is currently a public speaker and teaches outdoor education to youth in schools. In the summer  she can be found at her fresh-squeezed lemonade stand at the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market in Fairbanks, Alaska. Brooke and Dave will be leaving behind their two children, who will never be far from their hearts.

  • Dave Whipple
    Dave Whipple
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    Age: 40
    Fox, AK / Reed City, MI

    Dave grew up in rural Michigan, and has spent most of his adult life in Alaska. Along with Brooke, his wife of 18 years, Dave has built three homesteads in interior Alaska. Carving out a place to call home from raw land has been a way of life, and Dave can make the claim of being one of the few true modern day homesteaders. Whether at the family’s remote fish camp, or cutting logs for their next cabin project, Dave, Brooke, and their two children have lived a life far removed from the normal nine to five. With solid “hands on” skills and real-world grit, Dave has traded modern comfort for the satisfaction of doing life the “old school” way.

    Dave is more likely to talk about the philosophy of living than about bushcraft skills. In the summer he can be found in Fairbanks, Alaska working as a freelance cement finisher, and a part-time guitar dealer. He and his family have spent the last few winters in Michigan where they reconnect with their extended family, buy and sell antiques, and occasionally deliver a public speaking gig. A lifelong musician Dave also plays guitar and sings in his 3 piece rock band, The Atomic Honkies.

  • Andrew “Brody” Wilkes
    Andrew “Brody” Wilkes
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    Age: 33
    Kentwood, LA
    Industrial Project Manager

    At the age of six, Brody went on his first hunting trip with his father and, by eight years old, had harvested his first deer. Since then, he’s continued to hunt throughout the course of his life. Once his father stopped hunting, Brody became the sole provider of the family’s meat, for both his wife and daughter, and his parents. He also maintains a garden, yet another way he fulfills his desire to provide for his loved ones. Although self-sufficiency and a desire to supply his family members with sustenance are his main motivations, Brody also has a keen interest in primitive skills and wilderness survival.

  • Chris Wilkes
    Chris Wilkes
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    Age: 44
    Hattiesburg, MS

    Chris spent his childhood exploring the farmlands and swamps of Southeast 
    Louisiana, where he began his lifelong love of hunting, fishing, and trapping at a young age. He attended college in Mississippi, and began working in the behavioral health field. While witnessing the effects of natural disasters and developing a homeless tent camp ministry, he deepened his own understanding and interest in self-reliance, wilderness survival, and bushcraft skills. He believes his role as a therapist and his experience helping people to cope and make peace in the midst of suffering will be an invaluable asset. Chris currently practices his survival skills in the pine forest of southern Mississippi, where he lives with his wife and two children.

  • Alone Gear List
    Alone Gear List
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    Each Alone participant brings clothing, safety, and survival gear to Vancouver Island. Here’s a list of all of the standard items the participants are given, as well as the master list from which they are allowed to select ten special items.

    *These items do not count towards the 10 special items, but may not exceed the approved quota for each.

    • 1 pair high leg Hunting boots
    • 1 Pair water shoes (crocs/sandals/keens)
    • 1 T-shirt
    • 2 fleece or wool shirts (hooded or unhooded)
    • 1 wool sweater
    • 3 pairs wool socks
    • 2 hats (brimmed, wool or baseball)
    • 1 bandana or shemagh or buff/face mask
    • 2 Pairs of Gloves (one insulated and one leather work style glove)
    • 2 pairs underwear
    • 1 warm outdoor jacket
    • 1 rain jacket
    • 1 rain pant
    • 1 pair thermal underwear (long top and bottom)
    • 1 pair of gaiters
    • 1 leather belt (or synthetic equivalent)
    • 1 toothbrush
    • 1 pair of eye glasses (with proof of prescription)
    • 1 personal photograph
    • 1 Multi-seasonal Sleeping Bag (should be a minimum of a -10 degrees Celsius rating and synthetic)
    • 1 Fixed Blade Knife
    • 1 Ferro Rod (must not be longer than 6in, and must have plastic handle)



    *Each Team may select 10 items from the following list (5 items per person).
    *Participants may only choose up to 2 Food items each.
    *Non-Hunting Items are limited to 1 of each item listed per Teammate.
    *The Hunting Items are limited to 1 of each item listed per Team.



    • 12x12 ground cloth/tarp (grommets approved)
    • 8 mm climbing rope - 10M
    • 550 parachord - 20m
    • 1 hatchet
    • 1 saw
    • 1 ax




    • 1 bivi bag (Gore-Tex sleeping bag cover)
    • 1 sleeping pad
    • 1 hammock




    • 1 large pot (no more than 2 quarts; includes lid)
    • 1 steel frying pan
    • 1 enamel bowl for eating
    • 1 spoon
    • 1 canteen or water bottle




    • 1 bar soap
    • 1 8 oz tube of toothpaste
    • 1 face flannel
    • 1 40 m roll dental floss
    • 1 small bottle bio shower soap
    • 1 shaving razor (and 1 blade)
    • 1 towel (30” x 60”)
    • 1 comb


    Hunting (Note: only 1 item can be chosen between each pair of participants)


    • 1 300-yard roll of a single filament fishing line / 25 assorted Hooks (no lures)
    • 1 primitive bow + 6x arrows (must be predominately made of wood)
    • 1 small gauge gill net (12' x 4' with 1.5" mesh)
    • 1 slingshot/catapult + 30 steel ball bearings + 1 replacement band
    • 1 net foraging bag
    • 1 3.5 lb roll of trapping wire
    • 3 lbs of one solid block of salt




    • 2 lbs of beef jerky (protein)
    • 2 lbs of dried pulses/legumes/lentils mix (starch and carbs)
    • 2 lbs of biltong (protein)
    • 2 lbs of hard tack military biscuits (carbs/sugars)
    • 2 lbs of chocolate (Simple/complex sugars)
    • 2 lbs of pemmican (traditional trail food made from fat and proteins)
    • 2 lbs of gorp (raisins, m&m's and peanuts)
    • 2 lbs of flour (starch/carbs)
    • 1/3 lbs rice/ 1/3 lb sugar / 1/3 lb of salt




    • 1 pocket knife
    • 1 Leatherman multi-tool or similar
    • 1 sharpening stone
    • 1 roll of duct tape or 1 roll of electrical tape
    • 1 small shovel
    • 1 small sewing kit
    • 1 carabineer
    • 1 LED flashlight
    • 1 pair of ice spikes



    *This will be provided by Producer to the Hiker and will be removed once a team is reunited.


    • Compass and compass bearing