About Big History

From the creators of "The Universe" and "Life After People", BIG HISTORY puts a sci-fi spin on history, linking iconic events to our daily lives. For example, we carry the legacy of the Titanic every day -- in our own pockets: every time we make a cell phone call, we use radio wave lanes assigned after Titanic telegraph rescue calls went unanswered. Every time we make a call, we're also connected to explosions from the Big Bang that created tantalum, a rare and mysterious element used in trace amounts in every phone. Without tantalum, phones would have to be 12 times larger.

Other episodes will include topics like The Founding Fathers, The Civil War and Ancient Mysteries Revealed, meanwhile weaving in surprising science threads like salt, ice, and ballistics. Every episode of BIG HISTORY will tell stories in a whole new way, by shattering the wall between history and science. It is part of an emerging movement in academics, championed by innovators like Bill Gates.