Episode Description

Battling the Elements

Fire and water are two of nature’s most vital elements, and the most deadly when they rage out of control. Jack Pritchard is a legendary hero of the New York City Fire Department, battling thousands of ferocious blazes over the course of a stellar thirty year career.  He pulls off some of the most daring and incredible rescues in firefighter history, plunging into impossible infernos to save countless lives, proving himself to be literally fireproof again and again. Whether it’s leaping over a burned out stairwell with an injured child in his arms, racing into the carnage of a hoarder house fire, or breaching a solid wall of flames to save a baby in her crib, Jack Pritchard never gives up the fight. His courage has made him the only two time recipient of the James Gordon Bennett medal, the highest award for valor in the New York Fire Department.

When Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, close to two hundred people in the American Can Apartment building are left stranded without food, water, medicine, or hope.  Help arrives in the form of John Keller, a former recon Marine who calls the American Can home and decides he can’t sit idly by while his neighbours are overrun by gangs, starvation and illness. Over the course of five days, Keller uses his military training and whatever means at his disposal to subdue thugs, find supplies, and otherwise assist those in need to weather the calamity of a drowned city. Thanks to his heroic efforts, mouths are fed, security is maintained, and evacuations are arranged. On his watch, every single resident of his building trapped by Katrina makes it to safety. 

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