Episode Description

For a Greater Cause

Sometimes heroes are hunters, sometimes they are hunted. George Rowe lived on the wrong side of the law, dealing and using methamphetamine. But when members of the notorious Vagos motorcycle club beat a good friend of his to within an inch of his life, George changes his ways, turns informant, and goes undercover for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Over the course of three years, he ingratiates himself with the Vagos, moving steadily up the ranks until he is part of the inner circle and privy to all of their illegal business. The whole time, he’s wearing a wire and everything is recorded by federal agents. When they finally strike, the club is decimated and their leaders jailed. Rowe pays a high price for his heroism, going into witness protection where he remains today.

When the Soviet Union turns Eastern Europe into a Communist prison after World War 2, brothers Joe and Radek Masin, along with three friends, form a resistance cell. They plan to escape Czechoslovakia, get to West Berlin, join the US Army and return to liberate their country. What they believe is a three day walk turns into a three week nightmare as they elude authorities determined to hunt them down. Hiding in fields and barns, freezing and starving, constantly being shot at, their flight to freedom sparks the biggest manhunt in Soviet history. As their story spreads, they become folk heroes to oppressed people everywhere, and are helped by  many who believe in their cause. Three of the five Masin Gang eventually reach West Berlin, and though they never return to their homeland, their legend continues to grow. 

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