Episode Description

Warriors on the Frontlines

Chronicles of war are full of stories of a very few men confronting overwhelming forces and emerging victorious.  The exploits of Drew Dix and Viktor Leonov are no exception.  During the Vietnam War, Drew Dix is a Special Forces Staff Sergeant conducting covert operations across the border in Cambodia. When the City of Chau Doc is overrun by two battalions of Vietcong during the infamous Tet Offensive, it’s up to Dix and a small handful of fighters to turn the tide. Over the course of a fifty-six hour running gun battle, Dix and his team rescue fifteen civilians, kill over two hundred enemy, and liberate most of Chau Doc’s streets from their clutches. It’s an extraordinary feat that earns Dix the Medal of Honor for valor.

When the Nazis invade Russia in 1941, submarine machinist Viktor Leonovsigns up for a covert operations unit that will send him on the most dangerous missions conceivable behind enemy lines. Over the course of fifty raids conducted between 1941 and 1944, Leonov and a small band of highly trained scouts square off against vastly superior German forces and always gain the upper hand. Fighting in Arctic Norway and Finland, some of the harshest terrain imaginable, this unstoppable Russian force takes out enemy garrisons, disrupts supply lines, and even captures an anti-aircraft gun from a heavily guarded encampment. Leonov is also one of the key figures in the development of the unarmed combat style still used by the elite Russian Spetznas forces. For his many efforts, he becomes a two time recipient of the Hero of the Soviet Union medal. 

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