About Hunting Nazi Treasure

Premieres Sept.17th at 10pm E/P

This series is about the greatest heist in history and the biggest treasure hunt in the world today.

Between 1933 and 1945, the Nazis looted millions of cultural treasures and billions in gold. They stole wedding rings, gold teeth fillings, diamonds and jewelry; they cleaned out museums, libraries, churches, synagogues, businesses, factories and family homes.

Incredibly, some of what the Nazis robbed is still missing today, including over 100,000 artworks such as pieces by Degas, Van Gogh and Raphael; and caches of gold and other cultural treasures, some of which are worth tens of millions of dollars.

In 2007, a former CIA economist estimated the total value of still missing Nazi loot at over $100 billion.

The recovery effort began in the final days of the Second World War. It continues today.