About Sky Jumpers

Sky Jumpers  is a character-driven, feature documentary that takes viewers deep into the dangerous world of top-tier competitive skydiving, where split-second decisions make the difference between life and death. With spectacular photography and heart-stopping moments, it is immersive, real time story-telling.

Members of the PD Factory Team, based in Florida, are pro athletes at the top of their game, tested to the limits of endurance as masters and as men. They compete for world titles, break world records and run a school that trains precision skydiving to the Special Ops Forces of the US, Israeli and Norwegian militaries. Skydiving and BASE jumping take years of practice, injuries, near misses and months away from home. It's a full time commitment driven by a profound passion in the pursuit of human flight.

Sky Jumpers  was shot over 6 years on 20 HD GoPros and Sony cameras worn by the skydivers on helmets, abdomens, hands and feet, with additional shooting by a professional documentary team. It is a rare, full-access experience that chronicles the team's extraordinary journey to hell and back again.