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War Junk

Season 3 ⋅ Episode 3

Italy - Battle of Monte Cassino

The team travel south of Rome to investigate the Monte Cassino area of Italy. This was one of the bloodiest campaigns fought as Allied forces marched up through the Liri Valley from end of December 1943 until May 1944. They had to take this mountainous corridor in order to liberate Rome. The Allies, including Canadian Forces, had to breakthrough three strong German defensive lines making this an incredibly challenging sector. The War Junk team begins on the southern most end of the Liri Valley with the objective of climbing the infamous mountain known as Monte La Difensa. The team will follow in the footsteps of the First Special Service Force, who successfully captured La Difensa the beginning of December 1943 in a daring and almost impossible operation. The War Junk Team will climb the treacherous mountain searching for artifacts from that battle. The team also gets a rare opportunity to dig near the renowned Abbey on top of Monte Cassino searching for any objects that represents the bloody fighting that occurred on the famous battlefield. They come across more than they bargained for as the hill is still strewn with dangerous unexploded ordinance. They will also investigate nearby museums and personal collections to find smaller artifacts with names and ID numbers to research. The emotional journey ends with two families coming to Italy to see artifacts from loved ones who fought and died near Monte Cassino.

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