About Car Week

Starts July 8 at 8 EP

Strap in for a fuel-injected, pedal to the metal experience! From July 8-15 HISTORY celebrates our love affair with cars. From the 3 hour Evel Live event to the epic quest to break the land-speed record, it's a week packed with new car specials including Hot Rods and Muscle Cars, Speed Demons, Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special and more!  It all kicks off with Evel Live on Sunday, July 8.


EVEL LIVE  – Sunday July 8th, 8 EP

 As the first true Action Sports superstar, and an iconic name that transcends generations, Evel Knievel broke new ground using his larger than life personality and unmatched courage to set the stage for modern day action sports athletes. Taking a page from Evel's book, Travis Pastrana has always lived his life by rising to the occasion and pushing boundaries. To celebrate Evel, Retro Radical has enlisted Travis Pastrana to recreate three of his most famous jumps.  This one of a kind sports feat will begin in front of the LINQ's High Roller Ferris Wheel where Travis will jump a row of cars, then he will jump a row of Greyhound busses. After those two jumps he heads to the grand finale jump, the world famous Caesars Palace Fountain. Here he will try and finish what Evel started half a century before. The made for TV broadcast and global live streaming event is sure to capture the attention of a generation, just as Evel did years ago!

Travis Pastrana's Iconic Jumps Explained


HOT RODS AND MUSCLE CARS  – Monday July 9th, 8 EP  Wednesday July 11th, 8 EP

 Since the introduction of the first muscle car in 1949, drivers have been fascinated with the ability to cram greater power and speed into their cars. The Oldsmobile Rocket 88 changed the world when it put a V8 inside a body designed for a six-cylinder engine. Today, the muscle car has become so much a part of the car industry that it defines an era and an attitude. Essentially, a muscle car is one with a light body and a big engine. After Oldsmobile found a following with the Rocket, other auto manufacturers followed their lead.


TRUCK WARS – Tuesday July 10th, 8 EP

 Since the dawn of the internal combustion engine, truck manufacturing legends like MACK, PETERBILT, and CHEVROLET have fought a bloody war to be named KING OF THE ROAD. This adrenaline-fueled special tells the rubber-shredding history of trucks through the infamous TRUCK WARS, from the Railroad Battles of WWII, to the Suburban Showdown of the 1950s, and everything between.


HISTORY OF SPEED  –  Wednesday July 11th, 8 EP

 Strap in for a fuel-injected, pedal to floor experience recounting the most significant and perilous speed milestones throughout history and the fearless rebels who dared to sit behind the wheel. From the first days of the automobile to achieving supersonic speed, this compelling special parachutes into the treacherous attempts at speed records that propelled humanity forward.



 Get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the most popular --and disruptive-- toy in the world.  Follow the Hot Wheels team as they build a badass, full-sized, 50th anniversary original from the ground up.   Springing off from the build, we'll tell the history of Hot Wheels world record stunts --and their multi-generational influence on car culture and design.