About Haunted History

Haunted History covers time-tested history stories with a contemporary spin. Each episode will visit an eerie modern-day location, then flash backwards to reveal the story of events that unfolded there. Ratings patterns reveal that stories rooted in supernatural locations consistently spike -- whether it's History's Mysteries from 10 years ago, or more recent specials like Gates of Hell. Now, innovative production techniques will give the series the feel of modern horror movies like the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, including the creative use of surveillance footage, verité, found footage and infrared, hand-held cameras. Potential episodes will revisit some of history's most mysterious locations: Alcatraz, the Gettysburg Battlefield, the Devil's Promenade in Oklahoma, and the West Virginia State Penitentiary, a prison opened in 1876 that is said to be America's most haunted.