Valentine’s traditions from around the world

Valentine’s traditions from around the world

This Valentine’s Day, we’re visiting love celebrations from around the world:

England – home to a mysterious character called “Jack Valentine”

Peru – where they exchange orchids as a sign of love

Romania – where they celebrate a mythological creature similar to Cupid

China – where a tale tells of the Goddess of Heaven creating the Milky Way

Poland – where relics of Saint Valentine are housed in the “lovers’ city”

Philippines – which is known for its mass weddings

Brazil – Brazilians celebrate the patron saint of matchmaking and marriages

Denmark and Norway – where one common tradition is linked to Easter eggs

Guatemala – where platonic, familial and romantic love is celebrated

Japan and Korea – which celebrates men, women, and single people

France – where singles participate in a “drawing for love”

El Salvador – where children play a Valentine’s Day game called “Angelito”

Czech Republic – where May 1st is the day to celebrate love