• Cor Guimond
    Cor Guimond
    "The Living Legend"
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    A veteran bushman whose methods are precise and strategic, Cor always has a back-up plan.  At 64-years-old he is starting to feel his age and questions if he still has what it takes to live the rough life of a trapper. After Cor strikes out on the trapline, he considers retirement for the first time, but with a new wife and baby to support, Cor swallows his pride and heads back into the bush. He asks for a hand from buddy Andrew Robinson then works harder than ever to prove he still has what it takes to be a legendary trapper.

  • Guy Couture
    Guy Couture
    "The Wild Child"
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    Born and raised in the bush, Guy is an anti-social adrenaline junkie who’s happiest when he’s alone in the wilderness, far from civilization. After a disastrous season last year, his biggest fear is not being able to afford to trap and having to get a job in Dawson City. Guy comes from a long line of bushmen and never wants to give up his life in the wild. This season his very way of life is on the line and he encounters one problem after another. Close
  • Logan Donovan
    Logan Donovan
    "The Young Gun"
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    Logan always wanted to trap and he started trapping along the highway as soon as he was old enough to drive. But some people make fun of Logan for being a “highway trapper.” He wants to prove to the guys who make fun of him that he’s the real deal and seizes the opportunity to work someone else’s trapline on Tombstone Mountain. It’s tough, cold land with brutal conditions and Logan knows that at times he may be in over his head. So he’s brought along his outfitter friend Brad for back up and support. It’s a small town and Logan’s reputation is on the line, but he’s determined to come out on top. Close
  • Megan Melanson
    Megan Melanson
    "The Bush Family"
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    Megan is a natural born trapper and she and her husband Brian have invested everything they have in their remote trapline. Megan’s a first time mother who’s determined to raise her daughter Tasin to become a savvy bush woman with strong survival skills. However, Megan’s decision to raise Tasin in the bush is a risk. Megan knows she could put Tasin in harm’s way and she struggles to keep her daughter safe. Megan learns that the best way to stay safe in the wild is for the family to stick together on the line. In the end, the Melansons work together to overcome a food shortage, danger, injury and catch enough fur to make Megan’s dream of being a modern day bush family a reality. Close
  • Mike Willard
    Mike Willard
    "The Business Man"
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    Mike’s the cautious, cool-headed businessman, who’s always thinking about the bottom line. He started trapping muskrats on a bicycle as a kid back in Ohio and before long he moved to Alaska to become a full time fur trader and trapper. Now almost 30-years-old, Mike’s become a brilliant trapping strategist but when it comes to running a fur business, things don’t always go Mike’s way. Mike enlists experts to help maximize his profits and push him to his limits. With help from expert hunter Mark and daredevil Dave, he learns to take more risks and bigger gambles.

    Mark: Mark’s a methodical, observant trapper. He’s a veteran who knows his way around the bush and feels at one with nature.

    Dave: Dave’s a daredevil. No risk is too great for this daring veteran trapper. He’s always up for a challenge and willing to go where others fear to venture.