Episode Description


The work never stops. Hillsides are dynamited; massive drills splinter sheer stone walls, and giant cranes wrest 400,000 pound blocks from gigantic pits. The object of all this activity is rock--not precious stones or minerals, but everyday rock. Yet without this humble material, the world as we know it wouldn't exist. QUARRIES travels from ancient Egypt to the present day to show how rock has been mined throughout the ages and transformed into roads, building, bridges and other structures. Archeologists reveal how ancient quarrymen used simple levers, wedges and hammers, while visits to three modern quarries--Georgia Marble, Rock of Ages granite quarry and Luck Stone aggregate-showcase the massive, specialized machines that do the job today. At each stop, MODERN MARVELS unearths fascinating nuggets about the industry--such as the fact that it takes 40,000 tons of aggregate to make one mile of two-lane highway. QUARRIES gets the scoop on how we wrest the raw materials of civilization from the earth.

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