Episode Description

Charlie Richardson

Charlie Richardson, was the head of the notorious Richardson gang, the main criminal rivals to the Krays in the 1960s. The Richardsons had built up a lucrative empire by extortion, fraud, and torture, including beatings and electric shocks. In south London, he, with the help of his brother, Eddie, built his empire, part legal through scrap metal and foreign investments and part illegal, through frauds, protection rackets and clubs, one of them at Elephant and Castle, cheekily named the Reform Club, where rough justice was delivered to people believed to have "taken a liberty". Enter Gerald MacArthur who began a painstaking investigation into the activities of the Richardson gang, rivals to the Krays, who ruled East London on the other side of the Thames. At the time corruption was rife in the Metropolitan Police. Because of his reputation for being dead straight, and the fact Supt McArthur was divorced from Scotland Yard in his new role, witnesses came forward, resulting in a 25-year-sentence for Charles Richardson and 10 years for his brother Eddie.

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