About Searching for Vimy's Lost Soldiers

The Battle of Vimy Ridge, fought during the First World War, marked Canada’s birth as a nation.  In this new documentary, premiering on the eve of the Battle's 100th anniversary, Norm Christie and a team of experts embark on an extraordinary investigation to locate the bodies of 44 Canadian soldiers who fell on April 9, 1917. 

Christie is one of the world’s leading experts in identifying missing allied soldiers of the First and Second World Wars.  He believes these 44 soldiers rest in an old German mine crater (known as Crater CA40) hidden deep beneath a farmer’s field in northern France.  The field itself is situated on land slated for industrial development, so determining the exact location of Crater CA40 must be done soon or these missing soldiers will be lost to history forever.  The task of excavating CA40 will be dangerous, as the ground is full of unexploded bombs, high explosive shells and chemical weapons.  Christie and his team’s goal is to find the lost soldiers and give these brave Canadian lads the commemoration they deserve.


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