1 of the most critical moments in Vikings history (spoiler alert!)

1 of the most critical moments in Vikings history (spoiler alert!)

On the final day of our 12 Days of Vikings countdown, we give you the most critical moment in Vikings history.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! If you are not caught up with the December 28, 2016, episode of Vikings (Season 4 episode 15 – All His Angels), do not read any further. 


When Vikings began, we were introduced to a character whose life and great deeds we would be witness to, and that man was Ragnar Lothbrok. We joined him on his journey when he was a mere farmer, married to Lagertha with two children, living a humble yet rewarding life. This was to be only the beginning of his climb towards greatness, eventually becoming Earl and then King.

Ragnar had ambitions, dreams of greatness, and goals of reaching far and unexplored lands. He wanted to conquer, to be a legend. He was told by the seer that he was also destined to have many sons, who would be just as great, if not greater, than he was. When Lagertha couldn’t fulfill that destiny, she knew that their time together was limited. Aslaug came into Ragnar’s life as a mystical princess, bearing him a son and becoming his wife. She would go on to bear him more sons, bringing the prophecy to life.

Ragnar embarked on several voyages to distant lands, and brought back Athelstan with him. Athelstan was a huge part of Ragnar’s life, and influenced our Vikings’ lives greatly. Athelstan was instrumental to the way that Ragnar’s character formed, and how Ragnar carried on once Athelstan was gone.

Ragnar did indeed live to see himself attain greatness, becoming somewhat of a legend even in life. He was also alive to see his sons begin their own journeys toward greatness, and time will only tell how their lives prove them to be legends like their father. They feel a certain obligation to be great, being the sons of the great Ragnar Lothbrok.

The most pivotal moment of Vikings so far was shown in the December 28, 2016, episode of Vikings (Season 4 episode 15 – All His Angels), with Ragnar’s death. Ragnar was accepting of his death as we have seen in the past few episodes. He knew that it was his time to pass the torch. Our main character, the Viking who has taken us through four seasons of epic battles and exciting moments, is gone. But he leaves behind a legacy, of sons fighting to be just as great as he was. We can no doubt expect intensity and excitement from the five sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. While it is a great loss, it is also a new beginning. A chance to embrace change and a new way of doing things.

If you’d like to remember some of Ragnar’s greatest moments, we recapped some of them here. If you’ve been with us through the entire 12 Days of Vikings series, thank you! If you’ve missed one, check this page to read all the articles. We look forward to a new year full of new and exciting Vikings moments to share with you. This is only the beginning of an era that will be filled with legendary deeds and great battles.