11 of Lagertha’s epic hairstyles

11 of Lagertha’s epic hairstyles

On the 11th day of Viking, we give you 11 of Lagertha’s most standout hairstyles. Celebrate the 12 Days of Vikings with us, and come back every other day to see what Vikings moment or character we’ll be celebrating next!

11. Braided Updo

Lagertha 01

This hairstyle really accentuates Lagertha’s gorgeous facial features, with the tight braids on the side and the majority of her length braided at the crown of her head.

10. Battle Braids

Lagertha walking

Lagertha usually sports similar styles to this when she’s going to be in combat, and it definitely amps up the intimidation factor. With braids and twists all along the crown of her head, it creates a fearsome style suitable for only the best shield maidens.

9. Regal and Powerful 

Lagertha riding a horse

In her first appearance to Ragnar as Earl, Lagertha is exuding power, and this hairstyle totally helps. The braiding at the top creates a faux-hawk effect, giving her the look of a rebellious leader.

8. Volume, Volume, Volume


Lagertha loves complex detailing, and this is a perfect example of that. The small braids on her crown add so much volume to the style, allowing her wavy locks to add a soft feminine quality. The look really balances out because it’s equal parts rugged and beautiful.

7. Farming Braids


When travelling to the new land they’ve been given for farming, Lagertha opts for a twist on her classic half-braided locks. The top of her hair is coiffed instead of braided, and adds a certain sophistication to the look. The side braids are still present, and seem to be her go-to staple.

6. Fury Braids


If there’s one thing that Lagertha is good at, it’s having hair as fierce as she is. The mess of braids really draws her hair back from her face, allowing her emotions to show through fully. The hair forms almost a crown on her head, giving her a look of power.

5. Epic Shield Maiden 


The braids within this look allow Lagertha to focus on the battle without distraction. They also lend help in making her look imposing and fearsome. Her hair just gets more and more complex as the episodes go on, it’s amazing how she finds the time to do it.

4. Complex Detailing

Lagertha on a boat

Just look at the right side of her hair, the detailing is absolutely incredible. Lagertha’s hair in this scene reveals just how far she’s come from being simply the daughter of farmers. Her hair reflects how complex her life has become, and it’s beautiful.

3. Side BraidLagerthaHair14

Even when Lagertha has just suffered a death (at her own hands, but still), she finds the time to have a complex braid adorning her beautifully long hair. It adds just enough to her appearance without being overwhelming.

2. Simple Elegance


It’s not often that Lagertha only sports side braids, but this is one of those rare moments. She looks very feminine and elegant, while still maintaining her signature style.

  1. Dignified Plait

Braid Lagertha

Lagertha is her own woman now, and she has a beautiful new hairstyle to reflect that. The detailing on the braid is so cool, and really different from anything we’ve seen from her before. It leads us to believe that new style isn’t the only thing she has in store for us.

Lagertha definitely has a lot of unique styles, and we love them all. Make sure to tune into Vikings Wednesdays at 9 EST to see more of her iconic hair looks.