2 Vikings characters we miss

2 Vikings characters we miss

On the 2nd day of Vikings, we give you 2 characters we miss. Celebrate the 12 Days of Vikings with us, and come back every other day to see what Vikings moment or character we’ll be celebrating next!



Ragnar’s most loved friend, and an extremely important character, Athelstan was with us from the beginning. He changed the views of some of the characters, mostly Ragnar’s views of what the world could be and should be like.

He also was extremely influential in the story of King Ecbert, who felt a similar relationship to Athelstan. There was something about the way he spoke, and how true he was to himself even when facing death that really endeared him to those around him.

The one person who definitely didn’t trust or like him was Floki, which was mostly out of jealousy. Floki hated that Ragnar loved Athelstan more than him, and as such, felt the need to kill him. The death affected many, mostly Ragnar, but also we saw who was most loyal to Ragnar’s love of Athelstan, as with Bjorn’s reaction to punish Floki for his crimes.



When we first met Siggy, she was somewhat of an adversary, because she was the wife of the Earl that was so hard on Ragnar. But over time, we got to know her and how complex of a character she really was. With the death of her husband, Siggy seeks refuge by asking Lagertha to allow her to serve. Lagertha spares Siggy the embarrassment of being degraded to basically a slave, and instead allows her to be more of a humble assistant. This role changes when Lagertha loses her place as Ragnar’s wife, and Siggy instead assists Aslaug.

Siggy’s relationship with Rollo was the first time we saw any kind of softness from Ragnar’s tough and rugged brother. It brought out a different side of him, and we got more insight into their relationship as time went on. It was crushing when she died and Rollo returned, asking where she was.

Siggy’s death was mostly Aslaug’s fault. Due to Aslaug’s neglect of the children, Siggy was forced to take on more of the responsibilities. When the children were in danger, Siggy took it upon herself to rescue them, which caused her death.

Definitely two characters that are missed on Vikings, but their impact while they were here was felt intensely.