3 of Lagertha’s epic kills

3 of Lagertha’s epic kills

On the 3rd day of Vikings, we give you 3 of Lagertha’s epic kills. Celebrate the 12 Days of Vikings with us, and come back every other day to see what Vikings moment or character we’ll be celebrating next!

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any farther if you aren’t up to date on Vikings.

3. Sigvard

Lagertha standing triumphantly

Lagertha doesn’t put up with prolonged abuse, and she definitely doesn’t put up with intentional humiliation. Killing Sigvard was all too easy when the alternative was being exposed in front of a hall full of people. Lagertha doesn’t allow herself to be pushed into things she doesn’t want to do, and that much was made clear in this scene. It was her first kill of a significant character, and it ended up completely changing the way her life played out. With the death of Sigvard, Lagertha became Earl, and the power she always wanted was hers.

2. Kalf

Lagertha walking in wedding dress

Kalf betrayed Lagertha in the past, by usurping her Earldom. It has been made clear that Lagertha’s power is very important to her, and that it is tied into her identity. Although Kalf and Lagertha became allies once more, and even developed a romance, Lagertha proved that she can hold a grudge, and she doesn’t let betrayals go unpunished. This was another death that completely changed Lagertha’s life, it reinstated her power as Earl and showed everyone around her the lengths she was willing to go to.

  1. Aslaug

Aslaug Death

The most recent and most epic of all Lagertha’s kills, Aslaug was on her list for the longest time. After taking her husband and her world in the first season, Lagertha finally got revenge on the Queen. Although Aslaug asked for safe passage, and yielded power to Lagertha, she still fell to the mercy of Lagertha’s arrow. This was one feud that was long.