4 of Rollo’s best moments

4 of Rollo’s best moments

On the 4th day of Vikings, we give you 4 of Rollo’s best moments. Celebrate the 12 Days of Vikings with us, and come back every other day to see what Vikings moment or character we’ll be celebrating next!

4. Showdown with Ragnar

Ragnar and Rollo fighting

Before this battle, Rollo and Ragnar could never truly muster the courage to fight one another. Their bond of brotherhood is officially broken in this moment, and they believe that one of them will end up dead by the end of this fight. Memorably, the last time the two were given the opportunity to face-off, Rollo surrendered, saying that he was not able to fight Ragnar. My, how things have changed drastically.


3. Loving Lagertha

Lagertha and Rollo

Rollo’s love for Lagertha prevails through much of the Vikings series, and we see him love her from afar even when he’s with Siggy. Lagertha never accepts his advances, because her love for his brother overshadows him.

2. Marrying Gisla

Gisla and Rollo talking

Rollo’s entire journey makes a pivotal turn when he decides to chase the Princess Gisla. It changes his allegiances and his identity, with his new goals involving the preservation of her home and kingdom. It was refreshing to see Rollo’s love be returned for once. These two make for a powerful and passionate alliance.

1. Sparring with Bjorn


Lagertha remarks once that Rollo treats Bjorn as if he is his own son, and we can see that type of relationship in this scene. Bjorn and Rollo talk openly, and trust one another deeply. Rollo feels a responsibility to teach Bjorn to fight properly, and this shows that.