5 sons of Ragnar

5 sons of Ragnar

This season Ragnar’s five sons have grown up and are becoming forces to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at their journey from birth to now.

Bjorn Ironside


The first of Ragnar’s sons, Bjorn is the only of his descendants to have Lagertha as his mother. We meet Bjorn when the story begins, when he is a young boy who idolizes his father and loves his family and lifestyle. When Lagertha leaves Ragnar for choosing Aslaug, Bjorn chooses to follow her, and we don’t see him for many years.

Upon his return, Bjorn and Ragnar reunite and become close. Bjorn is prophesied to be impervious to injury in battle, and be very hard to kill, and thus is given the name ‘Ironside’.

As time goes on, Bjorn joins his father in battle and earns his own reputation as a warrior. More recently, Bjorn has embarked on his own expedition, hoping to be even greater than his father.

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The first son of Ragnar and Aslaug, Ubbe was the catalyst for a lot of change in Kattegat. Aslaug arrives in Kattegat to announce her pregnancy, which results in the separation of Ragnar and his family, and a new era for the village.

As a child, he was able to track Floki through the wilderness to have him arrested for his crimes against Athelstan. He is wildly loyal to his father and brothers, especially his half-brother Bjorn, who he idolizes.

Surely one can expect exciting things from Ubbe, especially when he is paired with Bjorn.



The second of Ragnar’s sons, he is bitter and resentful of his father for leaving them. He seems to be the most jovial of his brothers, and is often seen laughing or joking.

As with the rest of Ragnar’s sons, Hvitserk has been brought up on the tales of his father’s glorious achievements, and likely strives to be just as recognizable and famous.



Aslaug foresees that her child will be born with the shape of a dragon in his eye, and when this turns out to be true, he is named after her father, and called ‘Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye’. He’s grown up with his brothers and thus is very close with them.

He was the only one, even as a child, to distrust Harbard and the influence he had over the people in Kattegat, especially his mother. He investigates him and finds him sleeping with other women in the village, and tells Aslaug this, which results in her falling into a deep depression.

He’s very attentive, and notices everything that happens around him. Sigurd is knowledgeable and compassionate, which results in him disagreeing with Ivar and Aslaug quite a bit.

Ivar the Boneless


Ivar was conceived despite his mother’s warnings to Ragnar of the child being afflicted. The son of Ragnar and Aslaug, Ivar is plagued with chronic pain and a lack of strong bones in his legs, thus the name “Boneless.”His pain could only be helped by Harbard, who claimed to have taken some of the pain into himself, so that Ivar would not be as pained from then on.

Ivar was mentored by Floki from a very young age at Aslaug’s request, which resulted in his deep connection to the Viking faith as well as a hatred for Christianity. While being taught by Floki, he sees a group of children playing with a ball and wishes to join them. When none of them will pass Ivar the ball, Floki gets it for him, and a child attempts to wrestle it away from Ivar. Impulsively, Ivar strikes the child with a nearby hatchet, killing him.

Ivar is the only son to accept Ragnar’s request to travel to England. There is clearly much in store for him.

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