6 of Ragnar’s best hairstyles

6 of Ragnar’s best hairstyles

On the 6th day of Vikings, we give you 6 of the best Ragnar hairstyles. Celebrate the 12 Days of Vikings with us, and come back every other day to see what Vikings moment or character we’ll be celebrating next!

6. Knotted

Ragnar laughing

When we first met Ragnar, we he had a lot more hair to style than he does now. Here we see him with shaved sides and a knotted ponytail that’s pulled away from his face. This style suited a man who needed his hair pulled away from his laughing face.

5. Tight braids


Heading into battle, Ragnar needs his hair to be completely away from his face and unobstructed. In this battle scene, we can see his hair in a single tight braid, with the crown of his head also done in loose braids.

4. ShortHair3

As Ragnar grew in power, he apparently lost the need of more complex styles and braiding, instead opting for shorter locks and a head adorned with complex patterns in ink. It definitely makes for an intimidating style.

3. ShavedHair4

At the peak of his power, Ragnar does away with any need he had for hair at all, except for his beard. He does, however, have an entire head covered in various markings and symbols. This is fitting of his age and status, and gives him the look of a battle-worn warrior.

2. Rope braidHair5

A beautifully complex style, Ragnar wore this when he underwent battle to become Earl of Kattegat. His head is entirely braided, with a full beard and shaved sides. It gives a regal look, and one wonders if he had Lagertha’s help with all the complex detailing.

  1. Blood stained


A look often seen on Ragnar, as a warrior his hair was often stained with blood after battle. Here we see looser braids at the crown, falling back into a loosely braided ponytail. The braided styles were very popular with him, as it meant keeping the hair secure and away from his line of sight.