7 Reasons why we want Lagertha to be our mom

7 Reasons why we want Lagertha to be our mom

Lagertha may be a fierce warrior, but another important part of her identity is her role as a mother. Anyone that’s watched Vikings can understand Lagertha has a deep connection to motherhood and how it’s been such a big part of her life. Lagertha was a mother when we first met her, and there are a lot of qualities that really made us wish she was our mom, too!

  1. She’s super protective
    Everyone loves feeling safe and protected, right? I don’t think we’d ever have to worry about being in danger if Lagertha was our mom, because her fury knows no bounds. When she leaves to go raiding with Ragnar, she trusts Athelstan to look after Bjorn and Gyda, but not without a healthy threat for good measure.
  2. She’d probably braid our hair
    Don’t lie, you’ve wanted to rock those Viking hairstyles more than once. We certainly don’t have the skills to do that hair art, but it would be nice to have Lagertha around to do it for us. We want to rock those faux hawks and those Bjorn styles that look so punk and rock’n’roll.
  3.  She’d teach us how to be warriors
    It’s important in every kind of lifestyle to have a warrior mindset. The type of thought process that leads you to victory. Lagertha embodies that lifestyle, and we bet she’d pass on her tips and tricks.
  4. She’d have the best advice
    Lagertha just seems like the type of mom that would be full of wisdom and amazing tidbits of advice. We’d never have to worry about stressful situations or being lost, because she’d know exactly what to say to straighten us out and get us on the right path.
  5. She wouldn’t pressure us to be in a relationship
    Because… well, I don’t think she’s really a fan of them anymore. I mean, if you went to her with boy problems, she’d probably suggest murder at a wedding. Let’s be serious: she won’t be pushing you down the aisle any time soon.
  6. She’s an amazing role model
    Confidence? She’s got it. Individuality? She’s got it. Lagertha is her own person, and that’s inspiring to anyone. She’d be great as a role model growing up, and having a mom this confident cheering you on? That would make you confident too, right?!
  7. She’d still be down for having fun
    Lagertha never struck me as someone that couldn’t have fun. When Bjorn and Gyda were young, you see her smiling and playing with them. She’s not a serious warrior all the time!

Lagertha is the ultimate Viking mom, and she has all the motherly qualities you’d want from a warrior maiden. Brains, beauty, and wisdom all in one amazing package. We’d love to have you as our mom, Lagertha!

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