7 Vikings kisses

7 Vikings kisses

On the 7th day of Vikings, we give you 7 of the best Vikings kisses. Celebrate the 12 Days of Vikings with us, and come back every other day to see what Vikings moment or character we’ll be celebrating next!

7. Bjorn/Porunn

Bjorn and Porunn kiss

Bjorn’s first love, Porunn, was the one who taught him what love was. This kiss was fun, passionate, and really showed us how strongly Bjorn felt about her, kissing her for everyone to see, though many disapproved of their pairing.

6. Floki/Helga

Floki and Helga kiss

Our odd couple, Floki and Helga, have a special kind of bond. Their wedding was fitting of their allegiance to the Viking gods, and was beautifully filled with love. They really love each other, and you can see that in this beautiful kiss.

5. Athelstan/Judith

Judith and Athelstan

The forbidden kiss of a secret affair, Judith and Athelstan were one of the most scandalous couples that Vikings has seen thus far. Their affection was few and far between, but this is one kiss that was captured on the show.

4. Rollo/Siggy

Rollo and Siggy

Rollo and Siggy had a special bond, and it was one that Rollo definitely took for granted while he had her around. As Rollo departs, this kiss is tender and filled with care, you can tell that Siggy wishes him well on his journey.

3. Lagertha/Kalf


A kiss filled with sorrow and anticipation on one side, and happiness and hope on the other. Little does Kalf know that Lagertha holds the dagger that will take his life in mere moments. There’s something really interesting and complex about the emotions in this kiss.

2. Rollo/Gisla


After a long period of trepidation towards their relationship, Gisla really falls for Rollo. Their enthusiasm towards one another makes you really root for them as a couple. This kiss is really fun to watch, you can see how happy they are together.

  1. Ragnar/Lagertha

Lagertha and Ragnar kiss

A kiss that many have waited seasons for, Lagertha and Ragnar have a deep conversation about regret and where life has taken them. The two still clearly share a great deal of love for one another, and Ragnar has a lot of regrets about choosing Aslaug over Lagertha.