8 of Bjorn’s greatest moments

8 of Bjorn’s greatest moments

On the 8th day of Vikings, we give you 8 of Bjorn’s greatest moments. Celebrate the 12 Days of Vikings with us, and come back every other day to see what Vikings moment or character we’ll be celebrating next!

8. Arctic exploration

Bjorn and the bear

Bjorn didn’t truly feel like a man until he had left the safety of his village and explored the cold wilderness. Among his trials and tribulations, he faced a bear and was hunted by an assassin. Bjorn ultimately prevailed, showing his strength and perseverance.

7. Arresting Floki

Bjorn and crowd

In Ragnar’s absence, Bjorn felt it necessary to make Floki pay for his crimes against Athelstan. Floki didn’t expect this type of reaction, and neither did many of his fellow vikings, but Bjorn took the leadership role and made Floki accountable for his actions.

6. Choosing Lagertha

When Lagertha leaves Ragnar and her marriage behind, Bjorn chooses to go with his mother. It shows a lot about his integrity and values even at a young age, that his feelings against Ragnar for his betrayal were so strong that he left his village behind to stay with Lagertha.

5. Freeing Porunn

Bjorn and Porunn

Bjorn fell in love with the slave girl Porunn, and ended up freeing her from slavery and eventually marrying her. This was a defining moment for Bjorn, when he actually freed Porunn. It showed that he wanted her to be free to choose him under no obligations.

4. Rejecting Aslaug

When Bjorn was young, and Aslaug first arrived in Kattegat, he rejected the idea of her coming into their lives. He was never approving of his father’s dalliances with her, and never truly warmed up to her after that.

3. Helping with Ragnar’s invasion

Bjorn and Coffin

Ragnar knew that he could trust Bjorn to keep the secret of his plan to invade by faking his own death. Bjorn never seems to be lying or faking his feelings of grief and loss, but it was all an act to further the cause.

2.  Dubious of Athelstan

Bjorn was never truly trusting of Athelstan when he was a boy, as the monk was so different from what he knew of people and life. Through their interactions, you can see that Bjorn never truly feels the way that Ragnar does towards Athelstan, and instead treats the monk as a lesser man than he.

  1. Reuniting with Ragnar


The first time Bjorn sees his father after years apart is a really poignant moment. You can see that Bjorn still truly loves him, and that the anger he once felt for his father has faded. This is the beginning of Ragnar and Bjorn’s complicated relationship that truly shapes Bjorn as a person.