8 reasons why we love Lagertha

8 reasons why we love Lagertha

With the Season 5 premiere of Vikings coming up Wednesday, Nov. 29, we’re counting down our top reasons why we love this kick-ass shieldmaiden.

8. Getting Rid of Unwanted Visitors


Don’t come to the Lothbrok household looking to take things that aren’t yours, especially if Lagertha has anything to say about it. Fierce and strong, she stands up for her family and for herself.

7. Shutting Down Rollo

Rollo and Lagertha

Lagertha has absolutely zero interest in Rollo, and she lets him know it without shame. She’s not afraid of hurting his ego or his feelings, because she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

6. Love for Her Children

Lagertha and Athelstan

When Ragnar and Lagertha decide to set sail for England again, they leave the priest Athelstan in charge of their children. Lagertha doesn’t give him a chance to accept before she threatens his life should anything bad happen to her children. Her love for Bjorn and Gyda is unparalleled to anything except perhaps her love for Ragnar.

5. Bringing Siggy In

Siggy and Lagertha

When Siggy is widowed and outcast, she comes to Lagertha for help. Out of the generosity of her own heart, Lagertha offers to take Siggy under her protection. It would have taken a special kind of strength to help her, and Lagertha goes above and beyond, refusing to treat her as a servant.

4. Leaving Ragnar

Lagertha leaving Ragnar

Though her love for Ragnar was so strong, she could not allow herself to be disrespected just to stay with him. Her integrity was worth more to her than he was, and that’s such an important trait in Lagertha’s character.

3. Killing Her Husband (Part 1)

Lagertha standing triumphantly

Lagertha doesn’t put up with prolonged abuse, and she definitely doesn’t put up with intentional humiliation. Killing her husband was all too easy when the alternative was being exposed in front of a hall full of people. Lagertha doesn’t allow herself to be pushed into things she doesn’t want to do.

2. Killing Her Husband (Part 2)

Lagertha walking in wedding dress

Okay, so technically he wasn’t her husband yet, but it still counts. Kalf betrayed Lagertha in the past, by usurping her Earldom. Although they became allies once more, and even developed a romance, Lagertha proved that she can hold a grudge, and she doesn’t let betrayals go unpunished.

1. Battles

Lagertha battling

Oh, and did I mention she’s an amazing warrior?

Make sure to tune in for more amazing Lagertha moments when HISTORY’s Vikings returns, Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 9 E/P.