8 Viking Hairstyles To Take To Your Barber

8 Viking Hairstyles To Take To Your Barber

From braids, to pony’s and everything in between, The Vikings series has bestowed upon us some of the finest and most intricate hairstyles of the 8th century. This article is just one of our 5 Days of Summer: Vikings Edition articles that are debuting on History.ca this Summer!  Make sure you check the rest for more fun Vikings content leading up to the new season.

Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnars rocking what appears to be the marriage of an undercut with a French braid. Whatever it is, it’s giving us a “Stay the hell away” vibe from here to Scandanavia.

Depending on her mood Lagartha will wear her hair accordingly. When she’s a shield wielding warrior she rocks this tough faux-hawk style. When she’s watching the kids and making dinner, two simple braids do the trick.

Erik the noble warrior is sporting long, well… everything. Beard,Hair and clothing makes his look tough and strong.

Following his fathers footsteps, Bjorn is sporting a shaved top ponytail.

Porunn and Bjorn kind of match with their undercuts. She may just be where Skrillex got his #hairspiration from. Her coif is a mix of lengths texture and braiding techniques.


Remember Tostig from season 1? He’s hard to forget with that beard. What Tostig lacks on his head he makes up for in his voluminous braided beard.

Leif is a simple guy, give him a few beard beads to adorn his facial hair with and he’s a happy camper. This guy sure knows how to decorate his facial hair.

We saved the best for last. Rollo’s epic hair looks like it came straight out of a shampoo commercial. Whether he wears it half up, down or in a man bun – he definitely looks the part.