9 of the most shocking moments on Vikings

9 of the most shocking moments on Vikings

9. Rollo’s marriage to Gisla

Gisla and Rollo talking

This was one thing that nobody saw coming. Rollo becoming a royal, and marrying a princess? Having been a warrior and true viking from the beginning, this was one surprise that really threw us through a loop. He does kind of suit it though, doesn’t he?

8. Ivar’s birth

Aslaug warned Ragnar of a cursed child should he not listen to her warnings, and he did just that. The true shock was the extent of Ivar’s disability, and the thought of what a struggle it would be in the time of the vikings.

7. Aslaug’s arrival

Ragnar, Lagertha, and Aslaug

Ragnar and Lagertha’s faces in this scene say it all. Nobody was expecting Aslaug to show up on their doorstep, and pregnant with Ragnar’s child no less. This scene was a catalyst for a lot of change in the lives of our lead characters, and made for the story we know now.

6. Lagertha leaves Ragnar

Ragnar riding fast

Not only a shocking moment, but a sad one. It was hard to believe that Lagertha would truly not spend the rest of her life as Ragnar’s wife. Seeing Ragnar race after her was a spectacle in itself, and the interaction once he caught her was heartbreaking as it tore our two leading characters apart.

5. Lagertha kills her fiance 

Lagertha walking

Lagertha always delivers on her promises, and we learned that in this scene. I don’t know how many people were really expecting her to kill Kalf, but she did, and it taught everyone never to underestimate her. Husbands don’t stand a chance.

4. Athelstan’s death

Floki took shock to a new level when he murdered Athelstan, and Ragnar was forced to face the loss of one of his very best friends. It was the beginning of a very different era for Ragnar, and the loss of Athelstan’s guidance was the cause of an immense amount of change.

3. Lagertha becoming Earl

Lagertha 01

While Lagertha has always exuded power and grace, becoming Earl was a surprise in itself. No one knew she had a plot to kill her husband except for one accomplice, and it made for an excellent plan. The snap movement that caused his death and her rise in power was a shock for all that were watching.

2. Aslaug’s death

Aslaug Death

The most recent and most epic of all Lagertha’s kills, Aslaug was on her list for the longest time. After taking her husband and her world in the first season, Lagertha finally got revenge on the Queen. While fans could assume Aslaug ‘s fate, we can’t deny it wasn’t shocking.

1.Ragnar’s death


The most pivotal moment of Vikings so far was with Ragnar’s death. Ragnar was accepting of his death as we have seen in the past few episodes. He knew that it was his time to pass the torch. Our main character, the Viking who has taken us through four seasons of epic battles and exciting moments, is gone. But he leaves behind a legacy, of sons fighting to be just as great as he was. We can no doubt expect intensity and excitement from the five sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. While it is a great loss, it is also a new beginning. A chance to embrace change and a new way of doing things.