A Lookback at Vikings Season 5

A Lookback at Vikings Season 5

Vikings has been a wild ride throughout the seasons, with characters carving new paths and going on exciting adventures. Let’s take a look at what our favourite characters were up to during the last season.

When King Harald arrives back in Kattegat, he discovers Lagertha waiting for him. She takes him prisoner and rejects his proposal to join their forces through marriage. She really becomes the ruler that she was always destined to be.
When Floki approaches Lagertha and asks her for people to join his adventure to a new world, she denies him. Later, she discovers that her own subjects have betrayed her, as has Floki. She decides to allow them passage, knowing that denying them would be more trouble than just giving her blessing.
Margrethe is constantly plotting against her this season, and Lagertha threatens her when she finds out. Margrethe seems to be engaging in a one-sided power struggle with Lagertha.
Lagertha’s forces are defeated when Harald and Ivar attack. The help of Rollo’s forces ensure Lagertha’s defeat. Between losing to them in battle and having to kill Astrid during the fights, Lagertha is broken in spirit.

After asking Lagertha for her blessing, Floki recruits people to go on a new voyage to a new land, despite her saying no. Floki and his followers travel to Iceland, which he believes is a land that’s been revealed to them by the gods.
While in this wild and untamed land, he is in constant power struggle with the others that voyaged with him.

Bjorn and Halfdan are seen sailing back to the Mediterranean Sea. When he arrives in Sicily, he agrees to become a bodyguard to a commander there.
Soon afterward, Bjorn sets sail for Africa. While in Africa, he is trapped after a trade deal goes wrong, and is about to be executed along with Halfdan. They escape and are able to set sail back to Kattegat.
Once back in Kattegat, Bjorn ends his marriage with Torvi, and instead proposes to Snaefrid.

Ivar manages to convince his brothers to go and conquer the city of York in order to turn it into a base. Ivar reveals to his brothers that he is now able to walk on his own with the help of leg braces and a crutch.
Through ongoing battles, Ivar constantly goes against his brothers, who want to work towards peace. Instead, Ivar wants to continue the war.
During one of these battles, Bishop Heahmund is captured and Ivar decides to keep him prisoner, bringing him along with their troupe.
Ivar makes an alliance with King Harald to attack Kattegat, as well as making an alliance with Rollo to attack as long as Bjorn is spared. Their attack is ultimately successful, and they defeat Lagertha’s army.

What new adventures await Floki and Lagertha, and will Ivar make peace instead of war? The newest season of Vikings returns November 28 9EP, on HISTORY Canada.