All the things we love about Lagertha

All the things we love about Lagertha

Lagertha is without a doubt one of the most important and beloved characters in Vikings history. Over the seasons Lagertha has remained an important focus, no doubt in part to the love she gets from fans of the show. Let’s take a look at all the reasons it’s so easy to love her.

Her fire

Lagertha is not the type of person to take things as they come. She’s spunky, opinionated, and willing to fight for what she believes in. She doesn’t let people walk all over her, as can be seen by the killing of two of her husbands.


She’s an amazing mother

Bjorn chose to leave with Lagertha and one can definitely understand why. She always puts herself on the line for her son, and being a mother is obviously very important to her identity. It was sad to see her dream of having other children be squandered, because the love she had for her two children with Ragnar was so great.

This softer side of Lagertha really rounds her out as a character, and makes her who she is.


She’s battle-savvy

This is one woman who doesn’t let men fight her battles for her. In every important battle scene, Lagertha is there with her weapon and shield alongside her comrades. She’s strong, fierce, and an accomplished warrior. There is no shortage of characters and fans alike who have taken inspiration from her role as a shieldmaiden.


Her intelligence

There’s a reason why Lagertha is still standing after all these seasons, and it’s not due only to brute force and will. Her intelligence and knowledge of people keeps her head above water in trying times. She’s always one step ahead, and that allows her not to be taken advantage of very often.

She knows how to deal with people in a way that will make them her allies, or disable them from fighting against her. She knows how to use her mind as a strength, and a weapon.

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Her heart

One of the most sympathetic things about Lagertha is her heart, and her ability to love. We see her love for her children, strong and unwavering, and she uses that as a strength. We also see her love for Ragnar through the seasons, which never truly dies, even after he has.

The love that Lagertha has for Ragnar is what keeps her from harming his sons, and is a huge driver for her to take the throne. She wants to preserve his legacy, in blood and in lore.


Those are just some of the many reasons why we love Lagertha. Tune in for more amazing moments in Vikings Season 5, Wednesdays at 9 EP only on HISTORY.