New year, new Vikings

New year, new Vikings

Episode 15 of season 4 was a pivotal one, and it was the beginning of a new era for the hit show, as well as the ending of an era that many will miss. Ragnar Lothbrok was our leading man for four strong seasons, and now the torch is being passed seemingly to Ivar, who seeks to avenge the death of his father.

Ragnar was no doubt an amazing hero, and he led us through our journey in the Viking world with excitement and adventure. Even in death, he is creating ripples that will affect the entire Viking world. Lagertha feels she must accept the burden of ruling Kattegat in his now permanent absence, and this is not a welcome change for Ragnar’s sons. While Bjorn and Hvitserk are exploring, seeking the Mediterranean, Ragnar’s other sons are not, and are in range to pose a serious threat to Lagertha. The Seer predicts her death, and if she goes, the characters we began with will have seriously dwindled.

It does strike me as sad that Bjorn, who was the son that had the most time with Ragnar and who was, arguably, the closest to him during his life, is one of the sons that has no knowledge of his death. Because Bjorn and Hvitserk are exploring, they have no reason to believe that Ragnar has died. One wonders when the two other sons of Ragnar will find out about his demise, and how they will feel about it. The relationships Ragnar had with his closest friends and family were complicated to say the least, so one can never truly expect what the reaction will be.

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Ivar seems poised to take on a much more massive role as he seeks revenge for his father’s death. He has a lot ahead of him to overcome in order to achieve this goal, and a long list of people to hold accountable. Lagertha is at the top of his list, and although the Seer predicted her death at the hands of one of Ragnar’s sons, she has made no moves against any of them. It seems risky, considering none of them have any allegiance to her whatsoever, and instead seem to actively be working towards her demise.


The new era of Vikings seems to be bringing change for everyone, even Floki, who has remained a constant and devoted follower of his gods. He seems now to find something missing with his faith, and it is suggested that he may be looking to other areas for fulfillment. The new year brings new things for even the most consistent of our characters.

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