Our favourite Floki moments

Our favourite Floki moments

Floki has been one of the most fun characters to follow during the life of Vikings. He’s zany, unique, and unpredictable. Through the seasons, we’ve had plenty of amazing moments with him, and we wanted to take a look at some of our favourites.

Marrying Helga

The most sensitive we ever saw Floki were in his moments with Ragnar and with his wife, Helga. The happiness that he exudes in this scene is strong. To see two unique characters joined this way is perfect. Their bond remained strong throughout all the seasons, up until Helga’s death.

The traditional Viking wedding was exactly what you would expect from someone who believed in the old gods so strongly.

Time with Ivar

Of all Ragnar’s sons, Ivar is the one that shares the same spark as Floki. The two are outsiders, different from the rest of the people around them. Aslaug asks Floki to teach Ivar the ways of the old gods when he is very young, and the two form a bond because of that.

Even in the most recent season, Ivar seems to hold a special affection for Floki that he reserves for no one but him. Their relationship is unique and Floki seems to be one of the only people that Ivar trusts.

Setting out on a voyage from Kattegat

Having fulfilled his life in Kattegat, we see Floki leave to explore, to find a new world and himself along the way. The supportive chanting heard as Floki leaves Kattegat is a welcome appreciation for an oddball character that has often been an outsider.

This marked a new journey in Floki’s life: with Helga and Ragnar gone, he had nothing keeping him in his home. Instead, the prospect of strengthening his relationship with his gods was infinitely more important.

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Finding the new land

One of the most important moments in Floki’s journey, this was a turning point for him. Having lost so much, he finds a new relationship to his gods when he finds “their land.” This discovery offers him a new meaning in his life, and he returns to Kattegat in the hope of bringing more believers to the land of their gods.

The journey to the land was also an interesting experience for Floki, because it seemed to symbolize how lost in his own life he was. The moment he found land, he found a new thing to work on after having lost his wife and his best friend.

Ragnar says goodbye

Floki had always loved Ragnar, and been loyal to him through everything. To hear Ragnar say “I love you” was the moment that Floki knew they were saying goodbye. The reaction from him at this moment was emotional and heartbreaking, and some of the most genuine emotion we’ve seen from Floki in the show.

This definitely marked one of the most special exchanges between characters in the history of the show.


Those are some of our favourite Floki moments! Make sure to tune in for more amazing Vikings moments, Wednesdays at 9 ET.