Party like a Viking

Party like a Viking

The parties seen on Vikings are quite a bit different from what we consider parties today, and yet there are still quite a few similarities. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the way that our favourite warriors have some fun, and see where we could take some inspiration from their rowdy get-togethers.



What’s a party without food? When our Vikings are getting together, there always seems to be a great deal of eating involved in their version of a great hall. Visitors need to be able to see the strength of the place they’re visiting, and what better way to show off than to parade the excessive amount of food they can offer?

With food comes alcohol, and this is also seen in abundance at these types of parties. Our favourite characters all need a bit of grease in their gears to get them open to dealing with people that aren’t their own. This also makes for a rowdy bunch, with songs and entertainment meant to make their visitors feel at home and also feel inferior to the splendid place they’re visiting.



These are definitely one heck of a party, no matter what time period or culture you’re in. We’ve seen quite a few of these on Vikings – check out our article exploring the different unions that have happened on the show.

These types of parties are seen throughout history and into today, with different variations on the same premise: the union of two people, whether that be for love, power, or some other goal. In Vikings, it usually happens when there’s something to gain from the other party, and only happens for love in the few rare occasions. Whatever the reason, it’s a good excuse for a feast and a big get together.



 Not the happiest of topics when brought up in the context of today, but in Vikings it was actually seen as an honour to be chosen as a sacrifice. The only person who seems to see it through a lens of terror is Athelstan, when he witnesses it for the first time since joining Ragnar. Definitely not the best thing for a new party guest to witness, but they didn’t seem to care.

This type of party is more impactful, more grounded in personal meaning for a lot of the characters, but still involves uniting everyone in one activity. There’s also quite a bit of celebration in the mood and atmosphere, it’s not a sad occasion.


Those are the most standout types of parties that our favourite Kattegat residents partake in on a regular basis. What can we take away from this? We all need a little bit more rowdiness and a bit more food at our parties. You can never have enough!