Ragnar’s Journey

Ragnar’s Journey

Ragnar without a doubt is one of the most influential and important characters on the show Vikings, and was its centrepiece from the beginning until his untimely death. Let’s take a look at the amazing journey that Ragnar went on, starting from Season 1 and ending on our screens in December 2016.

Season One

We meet Ragnar Lothbrok, a spirited young Viking with ambition abounding. His young family is what seems to keep him grounded, and his wife Lagertha is a perfect match for him, just as spirited as he is.

Throughout season one, we see him go up against the Earl of Kattegat and disobey his wishes time and time again, exploring far off lands and even taking a prisoner of his own, the monk Athelstan.

Ragnar also displays infidelity on his trips abroad, bedding the Princess Aslaug, much to his son Bjorn’s dismay.

Before the end of the first season, we see Ragnar as the Earl of Kattegat.

Season Two

We see Aslaug, the Princess that Ragnar had a fling with, show up in Kattegat pregnant with his child. Much to Lagertha’s dismay, Ragnar offers the idea of taking a second wife to her, and this marks the end of their marriage.

Lagertha leaves, taking Bjorn with her, and Ragnar is left with the choices he made.

During this season, we see a lot of conflict rising between Ragnar and his brother Rollo, with a constant push and pull going on between the two of them.

This season also marks the first time that Ragnar meets with King Ecbert, and the two discuss plans to begin a settlement in Wessex. Upon his return to Kattegat, Ivar is conceived after Ragnar ignores his wife’s warnings.

The end of this season comes with Ragnar as King, after King Horik is killed.

Season Three

Ragnar sails back to Wessex to claim the land that Ecbert had offered them for their settlement. While Ragnar and his army sail to fight for Mercia, Lagertha and Athelstan stay back to start forming the settlement for their people.

This season marks the death of Athelstan, which has a profound effect on Ragnar, who truly loved and cherished him as a friend and counsel. After his death, the Vikings sail to Frankia for the first time.

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Season Four

Rollo’s betrayal has set Ragnar’s heart on destroying Paris. The Vikings relentlessly seige the city, but are ultimately defeated. Ragnar disappears after this, and isn’t seen for nearly ten years.

When he returns, his sons are dubious of him and unwilling to support his new idea, to travel again to Wessex. It is after this that he begins his goodbyes, meeting with the various people that have had a deep impact on his life.

Travelling with his son Ivar to Wessex, the two eventually end up in the presence of King Ecbert. Ragnar and Ecbert talk about their lives, about God, and about existence. Ragnar convinces Ecbert to give him up to Aelle, but it’s all part of his greater plan to exact revenge on the two leaders.

Ragnar’s death is drawn out and painful, the way that Aelle desired. At the end of the season, we watch Ragnar left to die in a pit of venomous snakes.


A fierce leader with a legacy, his sons carry on his story in Vikings Season 5 – watch it Wednesdays at 9 EP, only on HISTORY.