Scariest moments in Vikings

Scariest moments in Vikings

Halloween is right around the corner, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the most frightening moments in Vikings. So here are some of the scariest things that Vikings have put us through!

1. Jarl Borg’s death by Blood Eagle

Easily one of the scariest, most traumatic moments in Vikings was the torture and murder of Jarl Borg. As viewers, we didn’t like Jarl Borg for his actions, but it was still painful to watch this scene play out.

The Blood Eagle is reserved for those in the story that need to be taught a lesson, using a punishment harsher and less honourable than a clean death. We see this form of killing used again much later in the story against another formidable enemy: King Aelle.

2. Bjorn’s tangle with a bear

Certainly I wasn’t the only one holding my breath as this scene unfolded. Bjorn being one of the most beloved characters in our story, seeing him in such mortal danger was absolutely terrifying. We wanted to see him succeed more than anything, only to prove to his father that he was a true warrior.

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Luckily, Bjorn escaped this encounter, but not before driving our heart rates through the roof!

3. The death of Siggy

This scene was something straight out of a horror movie. The children in mortal danger, the ice that is only strong enough to hold the weight of small bodies, and the heroic rescue that goes terribly wrong.

This scene didn’t play out too well for our characters, as Siggy goes under the ice and never resurfaces. A horrific end to an awful set of circumstances.

4. Rollo being trailed behind the boat

Talk about an adrenaline rush. We were certain that Bjorn had allowed Rollo to think that he was coming along just to trap him and get revenge. This scene really played with our emotions. I definitely thought that Rollo wasn’t going to make it out of this one alive… but he did.

This scene went on for so long it was positively painful, waiting to be let off the hook when Rollo coughed up that water and took a breath. Losing him that way would have been such a fright.

5. Lagertha murdering Earl Sigvard

Seeing Lagertha, one of the strongest characters in our story being subjected to such ridicule was horrifying. The tension in the room just kept rising, allowing you to believe as a viewer that anything could happen. In those moments, we didn’t know how Lagertha would get out of the situation.

Adding to the fear and discomfort, Lagertha takes her life into her own hands to defend herself against her abusive husband. If not for the support of the people in that room, her life could have been ended. Luckily, she made it out relatively unscathed.


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