12 Ragnar moments we love

12 Ragnar moments we love

Ragnar has been on quite a journey so far through the four seasons of Vikings, and we wanted to look at some of his best and most iconic moments. Some of these are fun, and some of them were character-defining scenes, but all were equally spectacular.

12. Winning Lagertha’s Hand

Ragnar speaking with Bjorn

Some of the best Ragnar moments are his interactions with Bjorn. In this scene, we get to see the theatrical, fun side of our lead Viking. Ragnar tells Bjorn of the battle he endured with wild animals to win the hand of his then wife, Lagertha. Bjorn didn’t look that convinced…

11. When Aslaug Arrives

Ragnar, Lagertha, and Aslaug

This is a fun Ragnar scene, and one of the lightest in tone on this list. The shock on Ragnar’s face when Aslaug shows up on his doorstep, pregnant with his child, is very plain. This early version of Ragnar has a lot to learn, and his shock turns into amusement, as he assumes he can keep two wives and live happily ever after. Oh how wrong he was.

10. Saving Floki

Ragnar and Floki swimming

This was a defining moment for Ragnar, saving Floki from drowning really showed an ability to forgive. Although Floki was solely responsible for the death of one of the people Ragnar loved the most, Ragnar still sees a value in his life. In this moment, Ragnar accepts that he’s ready to go back to being close with his former best friend.

9. Reuniting with Bjorn


What an emotional moment for Ragnar. Seeing his estranged son for the first time in years, and believing that fate has finally brought them together once more. Bjorn and Ragnar have countless important moments in the show, and there’s something special between them that doesn’t exist between Ragnar and his other sons.

8. Athelstan’s Death

Athelstan was the person who, arguably, meant the most to Ragnar. In this moment we see Ragnar more lost than he’s ever been, missing what he believed to be his guiding light. It’s the beginning of a new Ragnar, a Ragnar that has to make all his decisions alone.

7. Telling Bjorn About Knowledge

Ragnar and Bjorn

In one of our first scenes with Ragnar, we get some true insight into his character. Ragnar tells Bjorn that he would risk everything for knowledge, to learn more than anyone ever has before. In this instance, he’s alluding to the exploration of new lands and conquering untouched cities. This is a defining trait that we see time and time again from Ragnar.

6. Battle against the Earl


The first true step in Ragnar’s journey for power is this battle. After an entire season of defying the wishes of his Earl, the two come face to face in a battle to the death. Ragnar ultimately defeats him, and assumes his role and duties. Ragnar’s ambition is what leads him through many years rising in power and influence.

5. King Ragnar

King Ragnar

Yet another step in his rise to power, and this is the ultimate one. Ragnar defeats the King and therefore becomes one. In this scene, we see him stoic, contained, and powerful. Ragnar becomes more and more withdrawn as the years go on, and less of his outgoing eccentricity is present. The grey and blue tones of the scene really reflect how he’s been developing emotionally and personally.

4. Faking his own death

Bjorn and Coffin

The ultimate deceit, Ragnar tells no one but Bjorn of his plans to invade from the inside using his own death as a key. Having been baptized, Ragnar allows himself the ability to have a Christian funeral, which ultimately is the Church’s demise. Ragnar gets to see what his relatives and friends truly think of them, as they say their goodbyes. It does, however, sow distrust among them.

3. Invading Paris

Ragnar leading the fleet

No Viking had ever done it before, but Ragnar was determined to be the one to achieve it. Through several battles and determination, his warriors were able to make a serious dent in the opposition, and if not for Ragnar’s brother and his inside information, they may have been successful in taking control of Paris. Ragnar truly becomes a war leader in these moments.

2. Chasing After Lagertha

Ragnar riding fast

Let’s take a look at yet another sentimental scene for Ragnar. After hearing that Lagertha is leaving him, he races to her as fast as he can in hopes of deterring her from leaving. We see his love for Lagertha, and the conflict it creates with his new duty as a father to Aslaug’s unborn child. This was his goodbye to Lagertha for the time being.

  1. Returning to Kattegat

Ragnar looking around

Ragnar definitely knows how to make an entrance, and walking into Kattegat after years of being away is definitely one of them. He confronts his sons, and calls out his subjects for their disbelief in their leader. It’s a mystery to everyone where he’s been and what his reasons were, and yet he does not answer to them. Ragnar always makes everyone answer to him, which is his real power.

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