The Bachelor: Vikings edition

The Bachelor: Vikings edition

Single and looking for love? The world of Vikings has a lot of potential suitors. Take your pick! There’s plenty to go around…



Ragnar is a legendary warrior with a lot to offer, including a Viking Kingdom and lots of stepchildren. His blue eyes will likely mesmerize you, as will his smile. He has a history with powerful women, but don’t let that intimidate you.

Likes: Long hair, blondes, and strong personalities
Dislikes: Arguments, losing, and not getting his way
Ideal Date: Long nature walks



Bjorn is on his way to being a legendary warrior, but has a soft side. He enjoys sparring and spending quality time together. His hair probably takes longer than yours does.

Likes: Blondes, damsels in distress, and hanging out with his stepbrothers (some of them)
Dislikes: Abandonment, boredom, and being separated from his family
Ideal Date: Fencing


Floki is fun and definitely unique. The shipmaster for his village, he carries a lot of responsibility, and know that you will always come second to his love for Ragnar. He’s fiercely loyal and will always make time for you.

Likes: Eyeliner, prophecies, and braids
Dislikes: Athelstan, badly built boats, and anyone other than Vikings
Ideal Date: Boating



Rollo is tough on the outside, squishy on the inside. He loves the warrior lifestyle, so his partner has to be okay with that. Sometimes he needs to escape it all and go for an entirely different lifestyle. He’s also fiercely competitive and doesn’t take losing lightly, much like his brother.

Likes: Strong independent women, adventure, and wartime
Dislikes: Being controlled, Ragnar, and learning new languages
Ideal Date: Dinner in Paris



Athelstan is loyal and a lot less militant than many of the men on this list. He’s extremely intelligent and can speak multiple languages, who doesn’t love that? This sentimental guy could be the one for you.

Likes: Princesses, religion, and being part of something important
Dislikes: Floki, human sacrifice, and being captured
Ideal Date: Talking in a quiet castle corridor



Strong willed and stubborn, Ivar is your guy if you like a hard-headed partner. He’s a mama’s boy, so that’s another thing to consider, but he isn’t close with the rest of his family for the most part. Maybe a partner could mellow him out… One could only hope.

Likes: His mom, fighting, and getting his way
Dislikes: Not getting his way, his brothers, and basically everything
Ideal Date: A hearty feast by a fire

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