The Best Vikings Roadtrips  

The Best Vikings Roadtrips   

Vikings has always involved wild expeditions to far off lands, and while we may be using the term “roadtrip” loosely here, (they were more like seatrips) the sentiment is the same. There are so many exciting trips to chronicle that we decided to compile them into one handy list for your enjoyment. If you want more 5 Days of Summer: Vikings Edition content, make sure to  also check out which Viking you are based on your Zodiac sign.

Ragnar’s first expedition
In Season 1, we’re just getting to know the key players in the Vikings universe. Ragnar, Rollo, and Floki leave for the West, Ragnar’s ambition leading him on an unauthorized raid. Our three leading men pillage a Church, stealing all of its treasure and taking several slaves.

This trip is particularly significant because this marks the time when Ragnar first meets Athelstan. This event is a formative one that profoundly affects the series.

Landing in Northumbria
The second expedition is more eventful than the last, bringing the Vikings to a much bigger and consequential area: Northumbria. Lagertha kills the Earl’s brother in self-defense, causing a ripple effect that leads to the Earl violently targeting Ragnar and his family.

That same ripple effect also leads to Ragnar challenging Earl Haraldson to one on one combat, with Ragnar emerging victorious, now Earl.

The Temple at Uppsala
Fearing that the Gods have stopped favouring his marriage to Lagertha, Ragnar leads his people to the temple to perform a ritual. It is here that Ragnar allies himself with King Horik, who tells Ragnar about his rival, Jarl Borg.

This trip is also significant to Athelstan, who attempts to prove that he has renounced his Christian faith, but luckily, is not believed by the priests, and cannot be used in the human sacrifice.

First time in Wessex
Ragnar’s goals come to fruition as he sets sail for England. Once there, he meets with King Ecbert for the first time. Two of the key players in the Vikings universe come together on this trip, and Ecbert offers to grant Ragnar some land for a settlement.

This is also when Athelstan, who is with King Horik, is captured and crucified. King Ecbert saves his life, and Athelstan goes with him to stay at court, teaching him about the beliefs of the Vikings.

Claiming the settlement
When the Vikings show up in Wessex to take advantage of King Ecbert’s offer, he tells them that they must fight for Princess Kwenthrith in order to claim their land. To appease Lagertha, Ecbert offers her the leadership of the settlers.

We get to see Lagertha in a completely different element than what we’re used to. It’s the first time that we truly see Lagertha as a leader, a compassionate one who cares about her people and their well being. The settlement clearly holds a lot of promise for the Vikings.

The first attack on Francia
Ragnar becomes more ambitious and launches a full scale attack against Paris. He fakes his own death to infiltrate the castle and allow the rest of the Vikings into the city. This expedition marks a huge change for our heroes, and it results in Rollo leaving his Viking heritage behind to join the Franks.

The second attack on Francia
Ragnar is fueled by hatred and a desire for revenge in this trip to Paris. Rollo’s betrayal is felt deeply by his brother and those that cared about him.

Ragnar’s addiction to the drugs that Yidu supplied him with causes him to quickly become less like himself, and less competent. His defeat leads to a loss of respect from his people, and Ragnar disappears from Kattegat, leaving behind his duties as King.

Bjorn goes abroad
Leaving with Halfdan and Harald, Bjorn sails for Paris, seeking to explore beyond it. Rollo offers to grant them safe passage, but only if he can accompany them. On this expedition we see Bjorn shares his father’s desire for exploring new worlds, and that Francia isn’t all Rollo needed it to be.

Ragnar’s final voyage
After appealing to all of his former followers, Ragnar is only able to convince Ivar to come with him to England. Once there, Ragnar and Ecbert have a heart to heart, and talk about mortality and the afterlife. This ends with Ragnar asking Ecbert to kill him, who refuses, but says he will hand Ragnar over to King Aelle. Ragnar tells Ivar to seek revenge on Ecbert, and to be ruthless.

We can’t wait to see what “roadtrips” Season 5 brings us on November 29th. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the 5 Days of Summer: Vikings Edition here on