The hottest scenes in Vikings

The hottest scenes in Vikings

Vikings may be filled with complex character development, intense battle sequences, and complicated plot lines, but it’s also got its fair share of hot and steamy scenes. We wanted to heat up the summer with some of the hottest scenes from Vikings as part of our 5 Days of Summer: Vikings Edition. Make sure you check out the other exciting content in the series on!



Porunn and Bjorn

The sexual tension between these two was burning for episodes before it finally broke. Bjorn had it bad for Porunn, and seeing them finally get together was amazing. The only slightly awkward drawback to this scene was that yes, Floki was there… Oops.




It was great to finally see Rollo meet his match with Gisla. They just look like they have so much fun together, and in this scene they definitely had fun. Two of the hottest characters in one of the steamiest scenes Vikings has seen so far. This had to make the list as one of the hottest scenes in Vikings!


Ragnar/Lagertha proposition Athelstan

Ragnar propositions Athelstan

This seems so long ago! This had to be one of the first steamy scenes in the show. Here we see Athelstan totally out of his element, and while he might not be feeling the same type of heat that Ragnar and Lagertha are, he’s definitely not having a walk in the park during this scene. Can someone say, temptation?


Lagertha and Ecbert in the baths


This scene was hot enough to make Judith run from the room, so it had to make this list. There was something about the two worlds colliding, with Lagertha and Ecbert, that made this scene seem forbidden and alluring. There was also the added forbidden quality of Judith and Athelstan, with Judith trying her hardest not to copy what Lagertha and Ecbert were doing.

Judith and Athelstan


Continuing in theme from the last scene on this list, this was definitely a hot scene in a more “forbidden fruit” type of way. Both characters are going against their vows in this scene, because their love for each other overpowers their love for pretty much everything else.

We can’t wait to see what Vikings Season 5 has in store for us in terms of more hot and steamy scenes. Make sure you check it out on November 29 when Vikings returns! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the 5 Days of Summer: Vikings Edition here on