The most pivotal Vikings weddings

The most pivotal Vikings weddings

There have been many couplings during the seasons of Vikings, but few make it to marriage, and even fewer still live through the wedding. We’re taking a look at the unions of matrimony the show has seen over the years.



Two of the quirkiest characters on Vikings, united forever in marriage. This was an interesting scene, as it was shown directly alongside the wedding of Aethelwulf and Judith. By showing the two at the same time, we could see all the differences between the two traditional weddings at the time.

This love story was one that lasted through the good and the bad, and was a seemingly unwavering constant during the seasons of the show. Seeing its end recently was heartbreaking, but no one can say that Floki and Helga didn’t have a good run. They lasted way longer than most couples on this show!



It wasn’t the most joyous occasion (for Astrid and for fans, anyway) but this was an impactful one. By marrying Astrid, Harald was putting himself closer to his dreams of power and triumph over Lagertha. Astrid was also choosing power over love in this instance.

Weddings in Vikings are not always about love or romance, as shown by several of the unions on this list. This marriage was interesting because both people chose to marry based on power, neither one was being entirely forced.



One of the more tragic weddings on this list, Kalf was never meant to make it to the altar in Lagertha’s eyes. While Lagertha’s feelings towards Kalf were complicated to say the least, she ultimately had to keep her promise to kill him for betraying her.

As a viewer, you have no idea that it’s coming, the tension builds and then he’s gone. Lagertha is victorious. This is the only wedding on the list that never really happens, and actually finishes with only one person standing.



Yet another power-driven wedding, the union of Aethelwulf and Judith was only put together because of their parents. Their marriage was intended to solidify the alliance between their fathers, both Kings in their own right. By joining their children, it meant family ties would link them.

This is another coupling that stands the test of time, until Aethelwulf’s untimely demise in the most recent season. Although their romance never really took hold, the two maintained a relationship until his death, with Aethelwulf even stepping in as a surrogate father to Alfred.



Reminiscent of the slave-turned-wife relationship between Porunn and Bjorn in earlier seasons, we see the union of Ubbe and Margrethe. After a long courtship between Margrethe and all of the sons of Ragnar (with the exception of Bjorn) we see her married to Ubbe (although Ubbe shares her initially with Hvitserk.) This wedding was busy, and action-packed, including a race.

These two are interesting, as it seems their romance was fuelled purely by desire and curiosity. They don’t really make the strongest coupling in terms of ideas and ambitions.



One of the strongest unions in the show began with hatred and disgust. Gisla was having none of her father’s wishes when he expressed his desire to have her marry Rollo. She was afraid of him, and also revolted by his lifestyle and beliefs. Rollo, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy her feisty nature and resolves to win her over.

It was only after the wedding (which Gisla cried through) that Rollo manages to learn bits of the language and actually win over his bride. These two took some time to warm up, but when they did, it was a flame that would burn for a while.


Those are some of the most memorable weddings on Vikings, with love, strategy and death all rolled into many viewing packages.

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