The rivalry of Lagertha and Aslaug

The rivalry of Lagertha and Aslaug

One of Vikings’ most intense rivalries, Lagertha and Aslaug’s distaste for one another began in the first season, and carried through until the current one. Two strong-willed women, the leading ladies were bound to reach a climax of their rivalry at some point, and after a lot of waiting, it came this season.

Ragnar, Lagertha, and Aslaug

When the product of Ragnar’s infidelity showed up on Lagertha’s doorstep, she was visibly shocked and distressed. It was sad to see Lagertha’s heart be broken, but being the strong woman she is, when Ragnar told her he intended to have more than one wife, she left him. Lagertha didn’t thank Aslaug for coming into her life and taking her husband and her home, and it was an anger that she harboured for years afterward.


Aslaug felt threatened and overshadowed by Lagertha, and Kattegat’s love for her. She knew that Lagertha was stronger and more of a warrior than she was, and that Ragnar still had love for her, and so Aslaug felt no kindness towards her.

Lagertha walking


The interaction between Lagertha and Aslaug once Lagertha left Ragnar was few and far between, but when they did interact it was tense and clipped. Lagertha had her own ambitions that she focused on, while Aslaug was busy having children with Ragnar. It was obviously very sad for Lagertha to not have been able to fulfill that role, but she filled her life with other exciting things. Aslaug, on the other hand, was alone much of the time, as Ragnar explored the world with his warriors. This resulted in her straying and finding solace in Harbard, making her less than a fan favourite.

In Lagertha’s eyes, Aslaug had taken her home and done nothing productive with it. She had disgraced Kattegat, the place that Lagertha loved. Although her hatred for Aslaug caused her to eventually usurp and kill her, Lagertha’s distaste did not carry over to her sons, also the sons of Ragnar. Her love for Ragnar seemed to matter more than any possible fear she could feel in relation to his sons.

Aslaug’s eventual death was a long time coming, and a lot of fans had been waiting to see Lagertha get her revenge. Vikings knows how to deliver to its viewers.

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