The top moments from Vikings Season 5

The top moments from Vikings Season 5

This newest season of Vikings has had many twists and turns, taking us on a wild ride. This is a look back at some of the most pivotal moments in Season 5 so far, and the impact they’ve had on our characters. Reminder the season finale is Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 9 EP.


Alfred’s promise to Ecbert’s grave

This moment was an interesting insight into the young character of Alfred. We see him striving for greatness, and a bit of foreshadowing into his role in future episodes. One can see similarities between him and Athelstan, but he definitely displays more ambition than his father.

Alfred had a strong relationship with Ecbert as his grandfather, and it’s clear in this scene that he wants to do credit to his memory.


Lagertha lets Floki’s people leave

An interesting and shocking response to Floki’s betrayal, we see Lagertha allowing some of her most valuable residents to leave Kattegat in search of the new world that Floki has found. Yet again Lagertha has had her trust broken by her closest friends, but she takes mercy on him and lets him leave. We get to see the conversation about her that takes place afterward, commending her patience and compassion. It is revealed that Lagertha wants to see if Floki is indeed right about the possibility of a colony.


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The Vikings underground

When the enemy shows up to fight, the Vikings are nowhere to be found. They don’t realize until it’s too late that they’ve hidden themselves underground in order to take the English off guard and surround them. It’s in moments like these that the Vikings allow the English to underestimate them, because it lets them have an advantage. The English truly believe that the Vikings are savages, so when they have strategy, it comes as very unexpected and ultimately leads them to victory.


Astrid marries King Harald

While not a happy moment for Astrid, this is a pivotal moment in the season. Lagertha’s lover and arguably closest aid apart from Torvi is seen marrying her enemy, King Harald. This reveals Astrid’s desire for power, and ultimate ambition to be Queen, paired with self-preservation over her loyalty to Lagertha.


Margrethe wants to be Queen

Once a slave, Margrethe can be seen throughout the season gaining aggression towards Lagertha for what she says is “weakness.” In a scene with Ubbe, Margrethe reveals that she has ambitions to be Queen, for what an accomplishment for a slave girl to rise into the role of Queen. She suggests that Ubbe let King Harald and Ivar dispose of Lagertha for him, and he should take up his rightful place as the oldest son of Ragnar Lothbrok.


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Floki leaves on his journey

With Ragnar gone, there is nothing left in Kattegat for Floki. His new ambition is to explore and find a new world. We get to see him discover this place, where he finds an even deeper connection with the gods. Seeing one of the most important characters set off on his own was definitely a scary moment, having lost so many of our favourites from the earlier seasons already, but Floki has persevered.


Alfred talks with the Priests at Lindisfarne

Alfred is becoming one of the more intriguing characters in the series, as we see him talking with the priests in the place where his father originated. He refuses to disclose his true relationship with Athelstan, but clearly has strong feelings about how the priests are conducting their work. He seeks to educate, and to spread the word of God to everyone, while still conveying that the world is not black and white entirely.


The Paris soldiers

No one saw this coming, and it was a shock to everyone when Rollo played a part in the fighting this season. The unpredictability of the characters definitely leaves everyone on the edge of their seats, because at any moment allegiances change. It was still understood that Rollo considers Bjorn to be important to him.


Those were some of the most important moments this season, and we can’t wait to see what comes next for our beloved characters. The new additions to the show have definitely given us even more reasons to love Vikings. Don’t miss the season finale Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 9 EP.

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