Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Ivar

Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Ivar

We’re getting ready for Val-Halloween, and you should be too! If you want all eyes on you this spooky season, Ivar is the costume for you. This article has all the steps you need to make an amazingly easy Ivar costume, and prepare you for looking your best this Halloween.


–┬áLeather-like vest or chain linked armour
– Knee high boots
– Brown pants
– Buckles to tie your legs (optional)

Ivar is similar to Ragnar and Bjorn’s costumes in terms of outfit, and you can achieve his look by layering. A leather-like vest or chain linked armour will also help this costume look its best. Ivar is also wearing high, knee high boots a lot of the time, though they are often obstructed by the buckles that keep his legs together.

Brown pants, or mixed tones of brown and black for all of the clothing will be the best for this costume.

-Black & Brown Eyeshadow
-Hair gel

Ivar’s hair is shaved on the side, and sometimes even braided back. To achieve this look if your hair is short, you can take some hair gel and slick your hair back to match his shape. If you have longer hair, section it and braid it back in a faux-hawk shape to match Ivar’s.

Using black and brown eyeshadow, rough up your face and make it look dirty and battle-worn.


– Cardboard
– Suspender straps
– Hot glue
– Red and black paint

If you want to take this costume to the next level, making a little chariot would be amazing. Cardboard is your best friend for this step, and some suspender straps. Using a photo of Ivar’s chariot as a guide, cut out four side pieces and glue them together. Keep the back piece higher than the front piece to really get the shape right. You can hot glue the suspender straps to the chariot so that you can wear it around instead of carrying it! Don’t forget to add some cardboard wheels.

Paint the chariot maroon and black to really finish it off.

Following all these steps will lead you to an amazing costume this Halloween. There’s so many costume guides on the Valhalla-ween hub that you should check out! There’s enough for a whole Vikings-themed group costume.

Don’t forget the Vikings Season 5 two-hour premiere is Wednesday, November 29 at 9 E/P on HISTORY. The battle of brothers is coming.