Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Bjorn

Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Bjorn

Want to be one of the most feared Vikings in history for Halloween? Below you will find everything you need to become Bjorn Ironside.


– Long sleeve shirt
– Vest
– Sword
– Brown pants
– Belt

Long khaki or brown coloured pants paired with a long sleeve shirt will give you a good base for Bjorn. Using some brown eyeshadow, you can make the clothes look more worn and “fought in”. Add a vest to really get the look. For added effect, you can add detailing to the vest and arm cuffs, or add knight-style costume chainmail.



– Prop axe
– Cord or small bits of material

Like Ragnar, Bjorn also fights with an axe. Get a prop axe and wind some material around the handle to make it look more unique and realistic.

To create a shield, look at Lagertha’s DIY costume!


– Wig (optional)

Bjorn has a lot of hairstyles over the course of the show. There are quite a few to pick from, so choose your favourite!

For an easier look, wear your hair (or wig) down to achieve a younger Bjorn look.

You’re en route to looking the part! It’s really this easy to have an amazing, well put together costume. Want other Vikings costume ideas? Check out Valhalla-ween.

Don’t forget that the Season 5 premiere of Vikings is Wednesday, November 29 on HISTORY. The battle of brothers is coming.