Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Lagertha

Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Lagertha

Valhalla-ween is quickly approaching, and a Vikings costume is definitely the best way to impress, regardless of how you’re celebrating. Dressing up as Lagertha is a statement, and this article is here to show you how to make the best costume you can.

– Cardboard
– Plastic Bowl
– Paint
– Hot Glue
– Sword

Cardboard is your best friend in terms of materials. Cut a large circle of cardboard, the size that you want your shield to be. Paint it blue, and use tape to section off the pattern of Lagertha’s shield markings. Using black paint, mark the patterns using the tape as guidelines. Remove the tape and let it dry.

While your shield is drying, paint your bowl black. When everything is dry, glue the bowl to the middle to complete your shieldmaiden shield.

BONUS: Add small buttons from a craft store along the outline of the shield and the bowl to make it look like bolts.

– Long sleeve shirt
– Vest
– Brown Pants
– Brown Boots
– Mesh
– Belt

You’re going to want a long sleeve shirt in a deep jewel tone (green, red, blue) and a brown vest. Layers are your friend as a Viking! Pair this with brown pants and brown boots.

BONUS: If you can find some, brown wrist cuffs are great for adding to this look. You can also make some easily out of fabric and glue!


– Silver beads
– Wig (optional)

Braids, braids, and more braids. Get some silver beads from a craft store and braid them into your hair for a more authentic look. Make sure to add some light waves to your hair (an easy way to do this is to dampen your hair and braid it the night before, removing it in the morning before adding smaller braids.) Lagertha has so many styles to choose from, you can pick something more simple, or something extremely intricate depending on your skill level!

Tip: Be as messy as you can! Sprinkle several braids throughout the hair and give yourself loose waves.













Go heavy on the black eyeliner. Lagertha has a slightly smoked out, grungy eye look going on. Take some black and brown eyeshadow and dust it in random areas on your face to give yourself a battle-worn look. Top off the look with a clear lip balm or lip gloss.


And now you’re all set to fight it out on the battlefield! Being fierce is another necessity to pull off this costume, so don’t forget to embody Lagertha’s spirit when you’re rocking this costume. Want other Vikings costume ideas? Check out Valhalla-ween.

Remember the Vikings Season 5 two-hour premiere is Wednesday, November 29 at 9 E/P on HISTORY. The battle of brothers is coming.