Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Ragnar

Vikings Halloween DIY Costume: Ragnar

Valhalla-ween is coming up and you’ve decided that you want to be a fierce Viking warrior. You can’t go wrong with Ragnar. Below you will find the materials you need, and steps that you can take to assure all eyes will be on your amazing Vikings costume this Halloween.


– Black eyeliner or face paint

Use black eyeliner or black face paint to create your scalp tattoo. Getting a friend to help you can make things a lot easier!

Opt for the older Ragnar look with a tattoo.


– Long-sleeved shirt
– Vest
– Sword
– Brown pants and belt

Long khaki or brown pants paired with a long-sleeved shirt will give you a good base for warrior clothes. Using some brown eye shadow, you can make the clothes look more worn and “fought in”. Add a vest to really get the look.

If you can find some, knight-style costume chainmail also adds to the look.

– Prop axe
– Cord or small bits of material

Get a prop axe and wind some material around the handle to make it look more unique and realistic.

To create a shield, look at Lagertha’s DIY costume!


Ragnar has had a variety of hairstyles over the course of the show. There are quite a few to pick from, so choose your favourite and get to braiding. Using small clear hair ties for this bit can make it look a lot cleaner and more accurate.

To get the older Ragnar look, grab a bald cap and a beard.

Now you’re set to be a fearsome Viking warrior.  The opportunities are endless, maybe even a Vikings group costume is in the cards for you. Want other Vikings costume ideas? Check out Valhalla-ween.
Don’t forget the Vikings Season 5 two-hour premiere is Wednesday, November 29 at 9 E/P on HISTORY. The battle of brothers is coming.