Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 Recap: The Revelation

Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 Recap: The Revelation

Praise Odin and Freya … Vikings is back and the midseason premiere did not disappoint!

Fill your drinking horn with some mead and get ready to break down everything that happened in Season 5, Episode 11 “The Revelation.”

Ivar is the new king of Kattegat, and although he’s won the battle, he won’t win the war until Lagertha is dead. Ivar, in his usual fashion, is devoid of any compassion or sadness. Harald, on the other hand, is melancholy over the loss of his brother, Halfdan, and his wife, Astrid.

As they celebrate the victory, Rollo strolls into Kattegat for a surprise visit. Rollo helped Ivar win the battle by providing him with troops, but there was one condition — Bjorn must not be killed. Why did Rollo insist on his nephew’s survival? More on that in a bit!

“I refuse to accept that this is the end of my story.”

Things haven’t been easy for Lagertha. She lost her throne and the woman she loved, Astrid. The former queen is weathered, white-haired, and tired of fighting. She has found some solace in Heahmund, who insists he never knew love until she came into his life.

Over in Wessex, there is a new king, Alfred, following Aethelwulf’s deadly bout with anaphylactic shock due to a bee sting. (The castle really should have some EpiPens on standby.) In case you forgot from the first half of the season, Judith demanded her younger son inherit the throne despite that fact that he’s actually Athelstan’s son. Her older son, Aethelred, also wasn’t Aethelwulf’s son, but was fathered by King Ecbert, so the throne should have been his.

King Alfred is ambitious, and calls for reform in the church and education for the peasants. His subjects aren’t too pleased with him shaking up the status quo. Judith advises that Alfred needs to secure his reign over Wessex with heirs, so she’s off to play matchmaker.

Bjorn, I am your father

Rollo knows exactly where the exiles from Kattegat are hiding, because it’s the same spot where they hid from Jarl Borg years ago. Even though he helped Ivar win Kattegat, he offers Lagertha, Bjorn and the others safe passage to Francia. When Lagertha questions his motives, Rollo drops a huge bomb: he’s always loved Lagertha, and in a declaration that asserts a long-held fan theory, he declares that Bjorn is his son! Bjorn isn’t having any of it, though. He doesn’t believe Rollo’s his dad, and even if it’s true, he doesn’t want to be Rollo’s son. Since DNA testing doesn’t exist yet and there isn’t a Viking Maury Povich that we know of, there’s no way to confirm if Rollo’s the father.

Heahmund speaks to Rollo, Christian to Christian, and Rollo asks the bishop to absolve him of his sins as Bjorn contemplates ending Rollo’s life. Bjorn decides that killing Rollo isn’t worth the time it’ll take to clean his knife, and Lagertha refuses Rollo’s offer.

Lagertha agrees with Heahmund that they should seek refuge in Wessex. With some stealthy ninja moves by Bjorn, they escape Kattegat in the dead of night, and sail away.

Rollo goes back to Ivar and demands payment not only for helping his nephew win the throne, but also for information on where Lagertha and the others are hiding. When Ivar and his people get to the sanctuary, everyone is gone except for Magrethe. She had been deemed a threat after threatening Torvi as well as Torvi and Bjorn’s kids — not to mention challenging Lagertha’s competence at every turn — and was being kept in a pen with the farm animals as she continued to lose her mind.

When Lagertha, Heahmund and the others arrive in Wessex, they’re greeted by an army with arrows at the ready, but Heahmund asks the soldiers to hold off. Aethelred is there and when Heahmund requests an audience with King Aethelwulf, Aethelred says the king is dead and Alfred now sits on the throne.

Floki’s utopian experiment continues to fail and his hopes for a new home are crumbling. When it comes right down to it, the Vikings cannot shake their warrior ways. Floki even goes as far as offering himself as a sacrifice to the gods to end the growing conflict — and Eyvind is the first to encourage it — but when it’s taken to a vote, the people decide that Floki is more valuable alive than dead.

Lingering questions

        • How will Alfred react to the arrival of Heahmund, Lagertha and the other Viking exiles?
        • Are Heahmund’s intentions honest?
        • How long before Fleidis is Ivar’s Queen?
        • Have we seen the last of Rollo?
        • Is there going to be an alliance between the Viking exiles and Wessex through a marriage?