What to expect from Jonathan Rhys Meyers

What to expect from Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The new season of Vikings is fast approaching, and with it will come new storylines as well as new characters. One of the most exciting new additions comes in the form of Bishop Heahmund, a character portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Let’s take a look at what we know so far and what fans can expect from him in the newest season.


Heahmund is not a weak or gentle character, that is for certain. Instead, this new character is a strong force to be reckoned with, and we expect he will bring challenges for our favourite Vikings. A rivalry with Ragnar’s sons is not far off, as the Vikings have entirely different motivation and beliefs.

It will be interesting to see which of our heroes is in direct opposition to Heahmund, and who prevails. After all, Vikings is no stranger to death and destruction, as we witnessed last season.

Bishop Heahmund will bring an entirely new dynamic to the show, and we have a feeling he won’t be making friends the way that King Ecbert did with Ragnar. This time, the relationship between the two cultures will clash more violently than ever before.

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Amazing Acting

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is known for his ability to bring characters to life, especially complex and dark ones. His portrayal of Bishop Heahmund is likely to be no different, and we expect he will breathe life into the character in a way that no other actor could.

The small bit that we have already seen of Meyers in the role is promising, as he left fans asking questions about who he is and what significance he has in the growing struggles for our Viking heroes. He definitely left us wanting more of him, and we will definitely get it in the next season.


Alex Hogh Anderson, who plays Ivar, was quoted as saying that Heahmund is “intense” and the perfect “archenemy” for Ivar. We’ll get to see this firsthand in the new season, as Ivar and Heahmund come head to head in battle.

If the Bishop is meant to be a direct enemy of Ivar’s, his energy would have to be strong and overpowering to be able to stand a chance against the frenzied Viking. It’s known that Ivar is violent and unpredictable, so Bishop Heahmund must be able to match that in his own way to be able to prove a worthy adversary.

There’s quite a bit of new and exciting material coming our way this season on Vikings. Jonathan Rhys Meyers brings an entirely different spin to the show with a new dominant character, and we’re excited to see how the show dynamic changes with his introduction.

The new season of Vikings returns on November 29 with a two-hour season premiere starting at 9 E/P, here on HISTORY. Make sure you don’t miss it!