What would the men of Vikings want for Father’s Day?

What would the men of Vikings want for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we know it’s hard to think of gift ideas. Know what’s even harder? Finding a gift for the Viking father that has everything. We thought it would be fun to think of some gift ideas for our favourite Viking fathers, so here they are.


Ragnar S4B

For Ragnar, the King of the Vikings and father of five, only the best of gifts will do.  For a man like Ragnar, his warrior status has a lot to do with his identity.  What does a warrior treasure more than his weapon? A finely crafted sword would make an amazing gift for Ragnar. Maybe the blade could be engraved with meaningful words, or the hilt could be decorative as well as strong. A tribute to his five sons would be an interesting idea, as he cherishes them as well. Having the five sons represented on the blade in some way would make it even more sentimental.

Which is probably better than a pet snake…too soon?



If you really wanted to make Rollo feel special, you’d know that his Viking heritage is still very special to him. We’d be willing to assume that a brand new Viking style axe would be an amazing father’s day present. Sometimes the best presents are the ones that are connected to memories, and as an axe was usually his weapon of choice in his youth, it would be a touching gift. Rollo doesn’t have any of his possessions from his old life, making this type of gift even more special. It would be a piece of weaponry to call his own again.



Sometimes the best gift isn’t material, but rather an experience. For the Viking shipmaker, I think some swimming lessons are in order. His lack of swimming experience has already almost led him to an early demise. What kind of shipmaker doesn’t know how to swim? This father’s day gift isn’t just thoughtful, it might actually end up saving his life. Floki is quite an eccentric character, and I’m sure there’s countless other fun gifts you could get him. Maybe some new and exciting equipment for his many ships, or a new eyeliner pencil?



Bjorn is probably the Viking father with the most care for his own looks. For this reason, a new piece of armor with care to its looks would probably be greatly appreciated. Through the seasons of the show, we’ve seen that he prefers light armor, mostly leather. The good thing about leather is that it can be functional as well as fashionable. A nice leather chest piece with particular care to its markings and decoration would be an exceptional gift for Bjorn.

King Ecbert


Ecbert looks to be the sentimental type in only one area: Alfred. In that vein, I’d suggest a small portrait of his favourite “grandson”. There are very few things that King Ecbert actually cares about, and Alfred probably makes up most of that list. A good father’s day gift would be a commissioned portrait of Alfred, perhaps even painted alongside Athelstan. The King’s two favourite people portrayed in one beautiful and thoughtful gift.

These gifts would make for a memorable father’s day for any Viking. Want an amazing father’s day idea for your dad? Vikings Season 4 is available now on DVD.