Which Viking are you based on your Zodiac sign?

Which Viking are you based on your Zodiac sign?

Find your Zodiac sign below and see which Viking best represents you. This article is just one of our 5 Days of Summer: Vikings Edition articles that are debuting on History.ca this Summer!  Make sure you check the rest for more fun Vikings content leading up to the new season.

Aquarius – Ragnar
Jan 20 – Feb 18
Your independent nature paired with your fear of expressing your emotions means you’re most like Ragnar. As an Aquarius, you’re open to different points of view but you can be quite stubborn when it comes to your own views. You’re not afraid to fight to get what you want, no matter the cost.

Pisces –Judith
Feb 19 – March 20
Artistic and overly trusting, your sign says that you’re just like Judith. Both of you tend to put your faith in the wrong people, which can get you into tricky situations. As a Pisces, you value your alone time, some of which you spend appreciating music or art. Pisces are known for being very in tune with others and their emotions.

Aries – Rollo
March 21 – Apr 19
As an Aries, you’re courageous and confident, like Rollo. But Ragnar’s brother can also be impatient and impulsive, like many of this sign. You have a desire to be a leader, and are very competitive. If Rollo’s competitive nature is any indication, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Taurus – Bjorn
April 20 – May 20
Being a Taurus makes you most like Bjorn, because you’re reliable and practical. Your sign also tends to be stubborn and possessive, because you really commit to the things you care about. You’re very hands on, and aren’t afraid to prove to the world just what you can do.

Gemini – Torvi
May 21 – June 20
Like Torvi, you’re gentle and curious.  Being a Gemini allows you to learn quickly and have an open mind when it comes to others. You hate feeling trapped, and have a fear of abandonment. You welcome change and want to experience as many different things as possible.

 Cancer – Floki
June 21 – July 22
Fiercely loyal and highly imaginative, as a Cancer you have a lot in common with Floki. Both of you can be suspicious at times, and a bit insecure when it comes to the people that are close to you. The close friends you have are really important to you.

Leo – Lagertha
July 23 – August 22
Passion runs high with you, similarly to Lagertha. You can be quite stubborn and at times a bit overconfident, but that’s offset by your generosity and warm heart. You like to be the leader of the pack, and it shows. Lagertha is a great example of the Alpha type that Leos represent.

Virgo – Helga
August 23 – Sept 22
You pay attention to the details, and you’re tender hearted, just like Helga. Timid at times, Virgos tend to show only a few chosen people their true feelings. Helga’s kind and loyal, and as a Virgo you share those traits with her.

Libra  – Ubbe
Sept 23 – Oct 22
Like Ubbe, you focus on what’s right and what’s wrong. Libra’s are known for holding grudges and being indecisive at times. You, as well as Ubbe, prefer to do things with a group to support you, and don’t like being alone. Libra’s are team players, and Ubbe is definitely on his brothers’ team.

Scorpio – Ivar
October 23 – November 21
As a Scorpio, you have quite the stubborn personality, mixed in equal parts with passion and resourcefulness. It can be hard for you to trust others, and you tend to keep a lot of secrets. You live to experience life’s emotional journey, and Ivar fits that description as well. Like Ivar, Scorpios are also excellent leaders.

Sagittarius – Athelstan
Nov 22 – Dec 21
The eternal optimist, as a Sagittarius you always look on the bright side of life. You’re extremely generous, and you cherish travel and worldly experiences that allow you to learn. Sounds like Athelstan through and through! Sagitarrius’ can sometimes promise too much to people, and have a constant fear of letting their friends down.

Capricorn – Ecbert
Dec 22 – Jan 19
Capricorns, like Ecbert, prefer to be in control. You excel when in a position of power, and knowledge is one of your most valuable assets. Capricorns have a consistent problem with holding grudges, and can sometimes look down on those they perceive to be less intelligent.

Did your Viking match turn out to be who you thought it was?